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216 square feet.

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Q: How many square feet in a 6 yards x 4 yards area?
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650 square feet eqals how many yards?

Square feet is area, yards is length! Do you mean square yards? 650/9.

How many feet in 484 square yards?

You cannot convert between feet and square yards. Feet are a measure of length and square yards are a measure of area.

How many square yards in 10inches depth 73 feet by 25 feet area?

56.33 square yards.

How many square yards are there in an area 52 feet long by 8 feet wide?

46.22 square yards.

How many yards equals 320 square feet?

Yards can't be converted with square feet. Yards measure length, while square feet measure area.

Area of 15x12 feet equals how many yards?

You have 180 square feet. Divide by 9 and you get 20 square yards.

How many square yards needed for a 12x24 feet area?

12'x24' (288 square feet) = 32 square yards.

How many square yards in 1118 square feet?

A square yard is an area 3 feet by 3 feet. It has nine square feet in it. To work out the square yards in 1118 square feet, divide by 9. The answer is 124.2 square yards.

How many square yards is in 18 by 12 foot area?

about 72 18 feet is 6 yards and 12 feet is 4 yards, so an area 18 feet by 12 feet is the same as an area 6 yards by 4 yards, 24 square yards.

How many square yards are in a area of 40000 square feet?

9 square feet = 1 square yard 40,000 square feet = 4,4444/9 square yards

How many yards in 10feet by 15 feet?

It's a total area of 150 square feet - which is 16.666 square yards

4 Yards equals how many square feet?

You can not convert these, yards measure distance, and square feet is a measure of area.

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