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0.44444 square feet per tile.

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Q: How many square feet in a 8x8 tile?
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How many 8x8 square feet ceramic tile will it take to cover 443 square feet?

abswer is 6.9218 square feet

How many square feet in a 8x8 hexagon tile?

The answer depends on the dimensions used for 8x8. For example, an 8 inch x 8 inch tile will have a different area to an 8 cm x 8 cm tile.

How many square feet in 8x8?

64 square feet

How many inches in 8x8 sq ft?

8x8 feet = 64 square feet = 9,216 square inches.

How many 8x8 tiles would you need for 200 square feet?

.44 sq ft ea tile you need 455 tiles

If a room is 8x8 how many square feet is that?

assuming 8 x 8 is feet then answer is 64 square feet

What is the square feet of an 8x8 square?

8ft X 8ft = 64 sq ft

How many square feet in an octagon if all sides are 8 feet in length?

To find how many square feet are in an octagon you basicly just have to find the area of the octagon in this problem it would be 8x8 to get the answer how to find the answer is that you must first find out how many sides your shape has then multiply your sides length in this case it happens to be 8 for both of the multiples thus 8x8 equals 64.

What does 8x8 equal in square feet?

None, since there can be no conversion. An ounce is a measure of mass while an 8x8 square is a measure of area in 2-dimensional space. Furthermore, there are no units for these measures: 8x8 millimetres is a trillionth of 8x8 kilometres! The two measure different characteristics and, according to the most basic principles of dimensional analysis, any attempt at comparisons or conversions between the two are fundamentally flawed.

How many numbers in the 8x8 magic square?


How many linear feet is 8'X 8' and how do you calculate the answer?

Eight feet by eight feet (8' X 8') is a square area. The answer is 64 square feet.But eight times eight feet is 64 (linear) feet, because 8x8=64.

How many 8x8 inch ceramic tile will you need to cover 443 square feet?

443 square feet = 443*12*12 = 63792 sq inches Each tile = 8*8 = 64 sq inches So minimum number of tiles required = 63792/64 = 996.75 or 997. However, that assumes that almost all the offcuts can be used. In real life it would be sensible to have more tiles to allow for breakages and wastage.