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1 cubic yard = 27 cubic feet

15 cubic yards = 405 cubic feet

Volume = (L x W x D) = 405 cubic feet

If D = 1 foot, then (L x W) = 405 square feet

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Q: How many square feet will 15 cubic yards cover at 12 inches deep?
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What are the dimensions of 6.5 cubic yards of mulch?

1 cubic yard will cover 15 square yards at 3 inches deep.

How many yards of concrete will cover 3200 square feet at 4 inches thick?

39.1116 cubic yards

How many cubic feet do you need to cover 1700 square feet 4 inches thick?

567 cubic feet or 21 cubic yards

How much sand to cover 1200 square feet 2 inches deep?

200 cubic feet or 7.4 cubic yards

How many cubic inches are in 4.5 square yards?

Cubic inches and square yards are two different measurements so this question cannot be answered.

How much stone is needed to cover 100 sq ft 6 inches deep?

Usually a cubic yard will cover 15 square yards at 3 inches deep so I would reckon on 22 cubic yards. Hold on that I've got that wrong it's 2 cubic yards .Sorry.

How much will a cubic yard cover 4 inches thick?

1 cubic yard/(1/9 of a yard) = 9 square yards.

How much soil do i need to cover 9300 square feet with 12 inches of soil?

9300 cubic feet = 344.44... cubic yards.

How much area does 1 cubic yard of pea gravel cover at 2 inches deep?

1 (cubic yard) = 46 656 cubic inchesIf the depth is 2 inches then the area it will cover is 46656/2 square inches = 23,328 square inches. Convert 23,328 square inches to square yards23 328 (square inches) = 18 square yards

How many cubic yards are in 70 square yards 6 inches deep?

6 inches = 1/6 yards. So 70 sq yards * 6 inches = 70*1/6 cubic yards = 11.66... cubic yards.

How many yards of concrete to cover 240 square feet 4 inches thick?

A yard of concrete is actually a cubic yard. To find the total cubic yards divide the total cubic feet which is 240 by 27 to convert it to cubic yards. You would need 8.89 yards of concrete.

How many yards of mulch will it take to cover 1500 square feet 4 inches deep?

1500 sq ft * 4 inches = 1500/9 sq yards * 1/9 yards = 18.518518... cubic yards.

How do you calculate the amount of topsoil that is needed to cover 2400 sq ft of dirt with 2 inches of topsoilas measured in yards... I would guess they mean cubic yards?

A cubic yard of stone that is 4" thick would cover 9 square yards or 81 square feet. If you need to cover 7000 sq. ft., you would need roughly 86.5 cubic yards. That's a lot of rock.

How many cubic yards of dirt to cover 3600 square feet to a depth of two inches?

22.22 cu yd

How many cubic yards in a square 100 feet by 100 feet by 4 inches?

123.4568 cubic yards.

How do you Compute square feet into cubic yards?

You can't turn square feet into cubic yards. It's like asking how many inches are in a cup. Cubic yards is a measure of volume, and square feet is a measure of surface area.

How to convert cubic inches into cubic yards?

cubic inches x 0.00002143 = cubic yards

Convert cubic yards to cubic inches?

cubic yards x 46,656 = cubic inches

Convert cubic inches to cubic yards?

Cubic inches x 0.000021433 = cubic yards

How many square yards of fill to cover a tennis court 60'x120'x12?

266.66 cubic yards ( not square yards)

How many cubic yards is 1800 square feet by 3 inches?

17 yards

How many square yards is 48 inches x 8 inches x 120 inches?

48 inches x 8 inches x 120 inches = 46080 cubic inches = 0.98765 cubic yards

What 13 feet by 10 feet 5 inches in square yards?

54.16667 cubic feet = 2.0061 CUBIC yards

Will 6 yards of dirt cover 70 square feet of land?

6 cubic yards of dirt will cover 70 sq ft ... 2 ft 3 3/4 inches deep

How many square yards in a cubic square yard?

There are cubic yards and there are square yards There are no cubic square yards. You can't convert square yards into cubic yards; one measures area, the other measures volume.