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27 square feet Answer. 15 square metres at 3 inches thick.

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Q: How many square feet will 1 cubic yard of bark chips cover?
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How many squares of almond bark equals a bag of chocolate chips?

Generally speaking, a 12-oz bag of chocolate chips is equivalent to about 4 cups of chips, while one square of almond bark (2.5 oz) is equivalent to about 1 cup of chocolate chips. Therefore, assuming a 12-oz bag of chocolate chips, it would take around 4 squares of almond bark to equal the contents of the bag.

What is the difference between chocolate chips and chocolate bark?

The difference is shape of the chocolate. Chocolate chips are smaller and chocolate bark are in strips. Baking is usually done with chocolate chips.

What the bark beetle eats?

hamburgers and chips

How much does 1 cubic meter of bark weigh?

depends on the bark.

How many cubic liters of bark are in 1 cubic ton?

possibly a tree?

How much bark do you need if I want it 1 inch thick for 230 square feet?

230 * 1/12 = 19.166.. cubic feet = 542.74 litres

Can you use almond bark instead of chocolate chips to make cookies?

If the chips are just mixing into the batter before baking, cut the bark into small pieces and mix in instead. Sounds good.

What has the author John A Sturos written?

John A. Sturos has written: 'Predicting segregation of wood and bark chips by differences in terminal velocities' -- subject(s): Bark peeling, Wood-pulp industry, Wood chips

Is it ok to put weed mat and bark chips under fruit trees?

Yes, it is okay to put weed mat and bark chips under a fruit tree. As long as the tree has ample light, water and nutrients it will be fine.

How much bark mulch would you need to order for an area of 2006 meters squared when it comes in cubic meters?

It depends on how deep you want the bark to be, the recommended depth is 2 - 4 inches (5 - 10cm) thus at 10cm deep you'd need 201m3 to cover 2006m2

What are the ingredients in almond bark?

Almonds, milk chocolate chips, and shorteningSee link below