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Multiply the two dimensions to get the area. The calculation will give you 720 square inches.

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Q: How many square inches are in a 4 inch by 5 yard roll?
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How many inches in a 6 inch by 25 feet roll?

The roll has 12.5 square feet of material.

How many 18 square inches is in a roll of 1 inch X 10 yds?


If a billing unit is 18 square inches how many biling units in one 2 inch by 10 yard roll of tape?

2 x 10 x 36 = 720 square inches... 720 / 18 = 40 units !

How many square feet in a roll 24 inches by 50 yards?

300 square feet.

How many square feet is a roll 18 inches by 25 feet long?

37.5 square feet.

How many 8 inch by 10inch squares can you get from a 20 square foot roll?

20 sq ft = 20*12*12 = 2880 sq inches 8 inch * 10 inch = 80 sq inches. Maximum number of rectangles (NOT SQUARES!) is 2880/80 = 36. This is a maximum because the answer depends on the dimensions of the roll. If, for example, the roll were 1 ft*20 ft, you will get only 1 rectanle across and 30 along the length. You will have a 2 inch*20 ft strip of waste.

A roll has 120 inches length and 13.3 inches dia how many square inches in it?

120 x 13.3 1596 inches

How many square inches in a roll 24 inches wide and 50 yards long?

24 inches*50yards = 24 inches * 50*3*12 inches = 24 inches * 1800 inches = 43 200 square inches.

How many 5 inch by 7 inch pieces can I get out of a roll 16 inches by 100 feet?

If you cut 1 inch for waste off the 16 inch width and 3 inches off the 100 foot (1200 inch ) length you have 3 x 171= 523 pieces

How many square feet are in a roll 20 linear yards long and 54 inches wide?

270 square feet.

To find the price of a square inch out of a 2 foot by 30 foot roll of vinyl at the cost of 30?

A roll 2 foot by 30 foot contains 60 square feet. There are 144 square inches in a square foot. So the roll contains 8630 square inches = and you get all of these for 30 units of currency. I will assume that the unit of currency contains 100 smaller units. so the price is 3000 small units. This means that the cost per sq inch = 3000/8630 = 0.347 small units = just slightly more than one-third of the small unit.

What is the radius of a 58 inch diameter roll?

29 inches

How do you figure the cost per inch of a 200 foot roll of vinyl Cost per 200 foot roll is 57.00 The vinyl is 2 inches wide - need cost per inch of this roll?

If the vinyl is 2 inches wide and you need the cost for 1 inch, it is half the cost - and that is 57.00/2 = 28.50

How many square inches in a roll 12 x 360 yds?

12 yards x 360 yards = 4,320 square yards. 4320 sq yd = 4,320 x 36 x 36 square inches = 5,598,720 square inches

How many square inches in a roll 9 in x 2750 ft?

1 square foot = 144 square inches9 inches = 9/12 foot = 0.750.75 x 2,750 = 2,062.5 square feet = 297,000square inches

How many square feet does a roll of 30 pound felt paper covers?

Easy way to figure it: If the roll is 3 feet by 100 feet, it would cover 300 square feet. But you have to overlap it about 6 inches at top and bottom, so once you subtract that, it would cover about 200 square feet., When figuring a job, add some for overlap at valleys, chimneys, etc. . . Hope this helps. A standard roll of 30# felt covers 216 square feet; one-half the area of a roll of 15# felt, which covers 432 square feet. Rows are overlapped 2 inches, not 6 inches.

How many square feet of roofing paper on a roll?

Roofing paper, or felt, normally comes in about 150ft rolls and are 3ft wide. Figure about 450 square feet of felt. Remember when estimating required amounts that you need to overlap the felt about 6 inches or so. With an overlap of 6 inches, 1 roll has a coverage of about 375 square feet.

How many calories in a roll and square sausage?

how many calories in s square sausage and roll

Will you have 150 square inches if the material comes in rolls of 12 inches wide and you buy a section 12 inches long?

No. 12 inches by 12 inches = 144 square inches. To get 150 square inches from a roll 12 inches wide, you would need to buy 12.5 inches. That would measure exactly 150 square inches.

What is the formula for a rolling offset?

Offset=Square Root of Roll squared+ Rise squaredFor Example:To find the travel and run for a 45 degree rolling offset with a roll of 11.5 inches and a rise of 15.5 inches:Solution Steps:Offset= Square Root of 11.5 inches squared +15.5 inches squaredOffset= Square Root of 132.25 inches+240.25 inchesOffset= Square Root of 372.5 inchesOffset= 19.3 or 19 5/16 (closest 16th of an inch)

A roll of rolled roofing covers how many square feet of roof?

how many square feet is in a roll of rolled roofinl

If You use twenty seven inches of ribbon off of a roll of ribbon containing 2 yards How many inches of ribbon are left on the roll?


24 x 50 Yards equals how many sq ft per roll?

I need to convert 24 Inches Wide by 50 Yards to Square Feet Each

What would a roll of material 62.5 inches wide by 4150 feet be in square yards?

2 196.04167 yards

How many calories in a 6 inch bread roll?

about 200 calories