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10 square miles.

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Q: How many square miles are in Tuvalu?
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How many islands does Tuvalu have?

Tuvalu consists of nine islands, which combined, are about 26 square miles.

What is the longest river in Tuvalu?

Tuvalu has no rivers. Tuvalu consists of nine small islands for a total of 10 square miles. Please see the sattleite photo of the main island of Funafuit.

Tuvalu is small area of 26 square kilometers. Liechtenstein is 134 square kilometers larger than Tuvalu What is Liechtenstein's area of square kilometers?

Tuvalu is not part of Australia!! It's in the Pacific Ocean.

How far away is Hawaii from Tuvalu?

It's about 2,600 miles from Hawaii to Tuvalu.

Is ecaudor the smallest country in the world?

Vatican City 0.2 square miles. MNonaco 0.7. Nauru 0.7, Tuvalu at 9 suare miles. San Marino 24 square miles. Leichtenstein 62 square miles, Marshall Islands 70 square miles. St Kitts and Nevis 104 square miles. Seychelles 107 square miles. Maldives 115 square miles. Malta 122 square miles. Grenada 133 square miles......Equador has 98.985 quare miles

Is Wales the smallest country in the world?

The Vatican City is the world's smallest state, then Monaco, Nauru, Tuvalu, San Marino. All of these are less than 10 square miles, Wales is 8,022 square miles

What is the area of Funafuti?

Funafuti is an atoll ... a chain of 33 small islands ... that is the capitol of Tuvalu. The total population of Tuvalu is 9,700, and its total area is 9.9 square miles (25.63 square km). The population of Funafuti alone is 4,490, and the combined area of all its 33 islands is 0.9 square mile (2.4 square km).

How many square miles for Cuba?

how many square miles in cuba

How many square miles is Medagascar?

how many square miles is Medagascar

What is the littlest country on the Earth?

The smallest country on earth is Vatican City, 0.2 square miles, population 770, none of whom are permanent residents. After that, Monaco, Nauru, Tuvalu and San Marino. Then Lichtenstein at 62 square miles

How far is Tuvalu from Australia?

Sydney, Australia to Tonga, Tuvalu is 2,488 miles or 4,004 km flight distance.

How many square miles is India?

India - 1,269,210 square miles.1,269,219 square miles.

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