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1/2 square mile.

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Q: How many square miles is 320 acres?
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How many acres in a square half a mile?

There are 640 acres in a square mile and 1.5 by .5 miles is .75 square miles. Therefore, there are 480 acres in a piece of land 1.5 by .5 miles.

320 acres equals square mile?

.5 square miles.

Hiow many acres will 320 square meters amount to?

320 square meter) = about 0.08 acres. (0.0790737221 acres)

2 sq miles is how many acres?

Acres is an area measure and miles a distance. But, there are 640 acres in a square mile so that means 1/320 of a square mile is two acres.

1200 acres equals how many square miles?

3200 acres equal ;5 miles squared.

How many acres in 0.4 square miles?

Yards is a unit of length; acres is a unit of area. You can't convert that. Perhaps you meant square yards? Each acre has 4840 square yards.

How large is 320 acres?

1 acre is 4840 sq yards. So 320 acres = 1,548,800 sq yards. This would be a square of side 1244.5 yards, which is 0.7 miles, so a square of side 0.7 miles.

How many acres are in a half mile by a half mile?

There are 640 acres in one square mile. Therefore, 0.5 square miles is equal to 0.5 x 640 = 320 acres. WRONG! See below correction. 0.5mi x 0.5mi = 0.25mi^2 = 640 x 0.25 = 160 acres

How much 320 acres is?

320 acres = 1/2 square mile

How many acres in 3 6 miles?

It is impossible to calculate as they measure different things: acres are a measure of AREA; whereas miles are a measure of LENGTH. If you meant how many acres in 3/6 SQUARE miles, then: 1 sq mile = 640 acres → 3/6 mi = 3/6 × 640 acres = 320 acres.

What is the diagonal of a square 320 acres?

A square covering 320 acres has a diagonal measurement of 5,280 feet or one mile.

How many acres in a half section?

one section is a square mile and has legs of 5280 linear feet. One arcre has 43,560 sq feet. A square mile contains 640 acres. So, the answer to your question is: A half section has 320 acres.