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Portland, Oregon, USA - 145.4 sq miles.

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Q: How many square miles is Portland?
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What is the area of Portland OR?

It is 145.4 square miles.

How many miles is Guildford from Portland?

127 miles. Guilford, ME to Portland, ME.

How many miles from portland airport to downtown portland Oregon?

about 11 miles

How many miles from Portland OR to Albany OR?

From downtown portland to Albany is about 70 miles.

What is the area of Portland Oregon in square miles?

From east to west Oregon extends 395 miles (636 kilometers), and from north to south, 295 miles (475 kilometers). The Pacific coastline is 296 miles (476 kilometers) long. Oregon's area is 97,073 square miles (251,418 square kilometers), including 889 square miles (2,303 square kilometers) of inland water.

How many miles from Portland to Indiana?

The one in Portland is about 2300 miles. The one in Maine is about 1050 miles.

How many miles to portland orgon from brandon oregon?

Bandon is 233 miles from Portland.

How many miles are there from Corvallis Oregon to Portland Oregon?

It is 86 miles from Corvallis, OR to Portland, OR.

How many miles is it from Portland OR or to Bangkok Thailand?

The distance from Portland, OR to Bangkok, Thailand is approximately 8,000-9,000 miles depending on the flight route taken.

How many miles from Portland Oregon to Quebec?

Miles from Portland Maine to Quebec city

How many miles is it from Dallas to portland Oregon?

From Dallas, Texas to Portland, Oregon is 2128 miles From Dallas, Oregon to Portland, Oregon is 61.4 miles

How many driving miles from Portland to Arizona?

Which Portland are you referring to?