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575 square feet is 63.889 square yards.

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Q: How many square yards is 575 square feet?
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How many square yards in an area 25 feet wide by 23 feet long?

9 square feet = 1 square yard Area = 25' x 23' = 575 square feet = 638/9 square yards

How many acres is 575 feet wide by 875 feet long?

575*875=503125 square feet 1 Acre = 43560 square feet ... so 503125 square feet = 11.5501607 Acres.

575 yards is how many meters?

575 yards = 525.78 meters

How many miles are in 575 feet?

a mile is 5280 feet so 575 feet = 575/5280 = 0.11 mile

How many acres in 575 feet x 675 feet?

(575-ft x 675-ft) / (43,560 square ft per acre) = 8.91 acres (rounded)

How many boxes of tile do you need for 575 square feet if tile is 10.76 a box?

The number of boxes required is575/number of square feet covered by the tiles in one box .

How many feet is in 575 meters?

There are 0.3048 metres in one foot. Therefore, rounded to two decimal places, 575 metres is equal to 575/0.3048 = 1886.48 feet.

575 meters is how many yards?

Divide by 0.9144 As 1 yard = 0.9144 meter

What is the square root of 575?


What is perimeter of 575 square units?

if its a square, side squared = area, so side = square root 575 = 23.98, then perimeter = 4 * 23.98 = 95.92.equation:.(square root (area)) * 4

What is the perimeter of 575 square units?

You can't tell. The area doesn't tell you the dimensions. There are an infinite number of different shapes with different dimensions and different perimeters that all have the same area. -- If the 575 square units of area are in the shape of a circle, then the radius of the circle is 13.53 units and the perimeter (circumference) is 85 units. (rounded) -- If the 575 square units of area are in the shape of a square, then each side of the square is 23.98 units and the perimeter is 95.92 units. (rounded) -- The 575 square units of area could also be a (23 x 25) rectangle, with perimeter of 96. -- The 575 square units of area could also be a (115 x 5) rectangle, with perimeter of 240. -- The 575 square units of area could also be a (575 x 1) rectangle, with perimeter of 1,152.

What is a squares perimeter if area is 575 square units?

Perimeter is all of the sides added up together and area is two adjacent sides multiplied. So since it's a square take the square root of 575 then multiply it by 4 to get perimeter. Square root of 575 x 4 = 95.917 units.

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