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If you say 2 inches deep, I assume you really mean cubic yards, as in how much you would have to buy? If so, the answer is 7.77, so you would need about 8 yards.

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Q: How many square yards of gravel are in an area 5 yards wide by 28 yards long by 2 inches deep?
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How much gravel to cover 15000 square feet 10 inches deep?

You will need about 463 cubic yards (around 594 tons) of gravel for this area.

How do you convert cubic yards of gravel to square yards of gravel?

You cannot make a direct conversion. You need to specify how deep you want the gravel to be in your area that needs covering.

How much area does 1 cubic yard of pea gravel cover at 2 inches deep?

1 (cubic yard) = 46 656 cubic inchesIf the depth is 2 inches then the area it will cover is 46656/2 square inches = 23,328 square inches. Convert 23,328 square inches to square yards23 328 (square inches) = 18 square yards

Convert inches to square yards?

Don't forget the word "square" before "inches". Otherwise the question is wrong. The area of 1 square inch is 0.0007716049 square yards. The area of 1 square yard is 1296 square inches.

How many inches are there in 7.4 sq yards?

There is no answer to this as inches (length) are different units to square yards (area)

What is 70 sq feet in square yards and square inches?

First we must visualize an area of 70 square feet. One of these visualizations is a 7x10 foot area. In square yards, 7/310/3=70/9 square yards. In inches, 70144=10080 square inches.

How many square inches are in a piece of fabric 12 inches wide by 12 yards long?

The area of a rectangle 12 inches by 12 yards is 5184 square inches, since 12 inches * 12 yards * 36 inches/yard = 5184 square inches.

How much gravel for area 12ft x 9ft?

It depends how deep you go. If you do 2 inches deep the area will require at least 0.7 cubic yards (about 1,710 pounds) of gravel.

How many square inches are in 3 inches by 10 yards?

Multiply the two dimensions to get the area. The calculation will give you 1,080 square inches.

How much gravel do you need to cover a 10 x 70 area 5 inches deep with gravel?

You would need about 13 cu yards or about 15 tons.

What is the area of 6.25 yards 60 inches wide?

93.75 square feet

How do you convert sq inches to yards?

Your question is phrased wrong. You can't convert sq inches into yards. Yards implies a straight line and sq inches implies area. But you can do square yards into square inches. A square yard is 3ft by 3ft or 9 square feet. Each square foot is 12 inches by 12 inches or 144 square inches. 9 X 144 = 1296. So, 1 sq yd equals 1,296 sq in. Did that help?

What are the units of area called?

Area is measured in either square centimetres, metres & kilometres OR square inches, feet, yards & miles

What is the perimeter of a square with an area of 5000 square yards?

The perimeter of a square with an area of 5,000 square yards is: 282.8 yards

What is the unit measurement for area?

The unit of measurement for area can be square millimetres, square, metres, square kilometres, hectares; square inches, square yards, square miles, acres.

How much gravel do you need to cover 252 sq ft?

The amount of gravel needed to cover 252 square feet depends on how thick (that is, deep) you want the gravel. If you want the gravel to be 3 inches thick... Convert the measurement to the same units. We'll use feet. 3 inches = 1/4 foot Multiply the thickness times the area to get volume in cubic measure. 1/4 feet x 252 feet = 63 cubic feet Gravel in the US is usually sold by the cubic yard, which is 27 cubic feet Thus, 63/27 = 2 1/3 cubic yards 2 1/3 cubic yards of gravel will cover 252 square feet of area to a dept of 3 inches.

How much gravel for a 14 feet wide and 125 feet long driveway?

If you use a depth of 3 inches, that area will be about 16.2 cubic yards (around 20.785 tons) of gravel.

Area can covered by 1 cubic meter of gravel at 6 inches thick?

Approx 70.6 square feet.

How much area will a 50 pound bag of gravel cover?

a 50 pound bag of gravel will cover approximately 2 to 3 square feet of area to a thickness of 3 to 4 inches.

What is the surface area of any shape expressed in?

The surface area of any shape is expressed in square units. For example: square yards, square inches, square meters, square millimeters.

If i have an area that is 38 feet long by 11 feet wide and 4 inches deep - How many yards of gravel is this?

5.16 yd^3 (when they say a "yard" of gravel, they mean a cubic yard).

What is the Area of a square with 9 yards?

81 square yards

How many cubic yards of concrete are need to for an area that is 1100 square feet and 5 inches thick?

Convert the measurement in square feet to square yards and the thickness in inches to yards. 3 feet = 1 yard 9 square feet = 1 square yard. : 1100 square feet = 1100/9 = 122.2222 sq yards 36 inches = 1 yard 5 inches = 5/36 = 0.13888 yards. The amount of concrete required = 122.2222 x 0.13888 = 16.975 cubic yards In practice, an order would be sent for 17 cubic yards of concrete.

What is the area of a triangle with a base of 22in and a height of 14in?

308 square inches or inches or feet or yards or miles or you know the rest

Area of baseball diamond in square yards?

8,100 square yards