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12 ft * 19 ft = 12*19 sq ft = 228 sq ft = 25.33.. sq yards

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Q: How many square yards of vinyl flooring is required for a 12' x 19' room?
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760 square yards of flooring equals how many square feet of flooring?

With 9 square feet in a square yard.... 760 x 9 = 6840 square feet

How many sq yards vinyl flooring will it take to cover the floor?

That will depend in a very fundamental way on the area of the floor. For example, the floor of one room in a doll house, the floor of your bedroom, and the floor of Radio City Music Hall will all require vastly different amounts of vinyl flooring. Here's a way to estimate it: -- Measure the length of the room, in feet. -- Measure the width of the room, in feet. -- Multiply the two numbers, one by the other. -- Divide the answer by 9. The number you have now is the area of the floor, in square yards. The number of square yards of flooring it will take to cover the floor is that same number.

How many square feet are in a room that is 18X18?

The math is pretty straight forward 18 times 18 is 324 square feet if you are interested in square yards for flooring it would be 18X18=324 then divide by 9 for sq Yard's= 324/9=36 sq yards in carpet or vinyl a 12'X27 would be enough square feet but would need a bit more for pattern matching and trim waste.. If you are figuring for flooring please remember that 324 is the NET flooring area. some waste is always a part of the project.

How many square yards of flooring is needed if a room is 12 feet by 15 feet 6 inches?

Convert measurements to yards and then multiply them

How many square yards of vinyl flooring will it take to cover the floor 12 feet by 15 feet?

12 ft * 15 ft = 4 yd * 5 yd = 4*5 sq yds ie 20 sq yds.

How many square yards of carpet are required to carpet an area 4 meters by 39 meters?

186.6 square yards of carpet are needed.

How many square yards of carpet is required for 18 feet by 16 feet room?

18' x 16' (288 square feet) = 32 square yards.

How do you convert linear feet into square yards?

You want to convert a length or distance into an area.Feet (or yards) measure LENGTH and square feet (or square yards) measure AREA.Length can never be directly converted to an area. However, carpet and flooring installers use a formula based on the total of linear feet (length plus width) to compute the area required. This is because the material is in fixed widths and can only be installed in certain widths or directions.

How many square yards is a office if it is 5 yards wide and 8.3 yards long and 16 feet high?

The height is not relevant. The office has a floor space of 41.5 square yards.

How many yards of concrete is required to cover 30 feet long by 20 feet wide?

30' x 20' (600 square feet) = 66.6 square yards.

How much carpet in square yards is needed to carpet a room that is 12 feet long and 12 wide?

a square yard = 9 square feet (3 feet in a yard) So, 12/3 = 4.0 square yards needed * * * * * Total nonsense. 12 feet/3 = 4 yards. So the area required is 4 yard x 4 yards = 16 square yards.

How many yards of concrete required for 768 square feet?

For a 4-inch thick slab, you will need at least 9.48 Cubic Yards.

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