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How many squares with sides that are 6 inches long I needed to cover a square with a side length of 30 inches without overlapping

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Q: How many squares with sides that are 6 inches long are needed to cover a square with a side length of 30 inches without overlapping?
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How many squares with sides that are 6 inches long are needed to cover a square with a side length of 30 inches without overlaping?

how many squares with sides that are 6 inches long are needed to cover a squae with a side length of 30 inches without overlapping

How many squares inches is 1200 inches?

Since the units are incompatible, we can't convert in into in². Inches measures length while inches squared measures area.

If a quilt measures 72 by 80 inches there are 9 squares across the width and 10 squares across the length of the quilt what are the diminsions of each square?

The squares for this quilt will need to be 8 1/2 inches, that includes the 1/4 inch seam allowance for stitching them together. The finished blocks will be 8 inches square.

What is the length and width of a rectangular quilt that has 5467 one inch squares?

Assuming the squares are to remain whole, the question is equivalent to finding two factors of 5467. 5467 = 7*11*71 Now, since a quilt is not likely to be 7 inches or 11 inches in length or width, it must me 7*11 = 77 inches and the other dimension must be 71 inches. The larger of these being the length, the quilt is 77" * 71"

A sqare with one side that is 5 inches long has how big perimeter?

A squares sides are equal in length. The answer is 4*5"=20".

Land Rover defender mesurments?

; Wheelbase - 92.9 inches ; Length - 157 inches ; Width - 70.5 inches (without mirrors) ; Height - 80.2 inches

Are squares allwats the same?

All squares have four right angles and all sides the same length. All squares having the same side length are the same.

What is incongruent?

Incongruent is something that is not alike, usually a math or geometry term, such as if one square was 2 inches in length and height and so on, and another is 3, then they would be incongruent. If there was two squares that where 2 inches in length and height and so on, that would be congruent.

In triangle ABC the length of side AB is 13 inches and the length of side BC is 18 inches. What could be the length of side AC?

Without a type of triangle and the associated angle measurements, an answer is impossible.

What is weld lap length of reinforced concrete bars?

when length of reinforcing bar is small and we have to provide longer reinforcement in that case the second bar is provided with proper overlapping with the first bar this overlapping is known as lap length. the straight length of shall not be less than 12mm dia and 200mm length.

If the cube has a side length of 3 inches what is the surface area of the cube?

Such a cube has six sides of 3" by 3" (9 square inch) squares. So the total is 6 x 9 square inches, which is 54 square inches.

What is the length crosswise of a 20 inch by 20 inch square?

The diagonal of a 20 inch square is the square root of 800 inches, approximately 28.284 inches, which is the sum of the squares of two sides.

What is the missing length of two similar rectangles if the first has length n inches and width 16 inches and the second has length 15 inches and width 12 inches?

20 inches

A square snakes and ladders board has 100 squares and a diagonal length of 35cm Find the lengthof sideof one of the smaller squares?

The length of each side of the smaller squares is 2.475 cm

The perimeter of a rectangle is 124 inches the length exceeds the width by 28 inches find the length and the width?

length plus width = 1/2 x 124 inches = 62 length = width + 28 inches = 1/2 x 62 inches + 14 inches = 45 inches; width = length - 1/2 x 62 inches - 14 inches = 17 inches

The volume of a cube with sides of 6 inches?

voulme= length x width x height a cube is made of perfect squares, so the length, width, and height are all 6. so just multiply them together!

16 inches and 14 inches is what length to a rectangle?


The perimeter of a rectangle is 60 the length is 3 inches more then the width what is the length and the width?

length + width = 1/2 x 60 in = 30 inches The length is 3 inches more than than the width, so length is 16.5 inches and width is 13.5 inches.

Dimension of a square?

Squares have two dimensions - length and width. Two dimensional figures are things like squares, rectangles, circles, and triangles, which have length and width.

What size rectangle have exactly 100 squares?

It can be any rectangle having a combination of width and length that, when multiplied together, yield a product of 100 squares. The rectangle could be 1 square wide and 100 squares long, or 5 squares wide and 20 squares long, or it could be a plane square with 10 squares wide on each side.

What are inches measued for?

Inches are used for measuring length. Tailors measure inches for the length of a man's trousers.

What is the width and length of a business envelope in inches?

The length is 7 inches and the width is 5 inches for a envelope

How many square tiles of side 9 cm are required to cover a rectangle of length 36 cm and breadth 18 cm exactly without any tiles overlapping?

8 of them.

How long is 80 squares when it comes to shingles?

80 squares is a measure of area, it doesn't apply to length.

Do some rectangles have 4 sides the same length?

Yes, they are called squares. Squares are a subset of rectangles.