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Q: How many steps are in the interval of a augment 2nd?
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What is the interval from A to B flat?

The interval from A to Bb is a minor 2nd, also called a half step.

What is the interval b flat to c sharp?

B-flat to C-sharp is an augmented 2nd.

How many half and whole steps does an augmented 2nd have?

It's the same as a minor 3rd, so it has three half steps, or one whole step and one half step

Where is half steps in a Natural Minor scale?

The half-steps are between the 2nd and 3rd scale degrees, and between the 5th and 6th scale degrees. In the key of A minor, that's between B and C, and E and F.

How do I find a perfect or major interval below a given note?

An easy way to find an interval below a given note would be to invert it. To invert, first subtract the # of the interval from the number 9. For example: Find the inversion of a 6th. 9-6=3. Which will translate to a 3rd above the given note. Quick tips= Subtractions: 7th<=>2nd (visa versa) 6th<=>3rd 5th<=>4th The Quality gets reversed too: Major<=>minor (visa versa) Perfect=Perfect Diminished<=>Augmented M=Major m=minor P=Perfect D=diminished A=Augmented Example: Find the inversion of a M3. 9-3=6 A Major gets reversed to a minor. So the inversion of a M3 would be a m6. Example: Find a P4 below B. Step 1) a P4 inverts to a P5. 9-4=5. A perfect doesn't get reversed. Step 2) think of the P5 above the B (Which would be a F#. We know it's an "F#" because a P5 has 7 half steps in it.) Step 3) Drop the F# down an octave (below the B). And there you have the complete interval. F# and B is the P4. Your next question is how did I know how many half steps for each interval. Take a look at this chart: P1=0 (unison) m2=1 half step M2=2 A2=3 m3=3 M3=4 P4=5 A4=6 D5=6 P5=7 m6=8 M6=9 A6=10 m7=10 M7=11 P8=12 Quick Reminder: 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 7th intervals can be Augmented, Majored, minored, and Diminished. But the PERFECT 4ths, 5ths, and 8ths, can't be considered minored or majored. They can only be Augmented, or Diminished.