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Strawberries can vary greatly in size: from small but very tasty ones to large pithy ones.

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Q: How many strawberries does it take to make one-fourth cup?
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How many days does it take for strawberries to mold?

4 or 5

How many strawberries does it take to change a Nappie?

not enough my friend

How many strawberries does it take to fill the Bristol Motor Speedway?


How many quarts of strawberries will it take to feed 50 people?


Why do strawberries rot fast?

Strawberries actually rot fast because of many different reasons. Just think about it, strawberries are transferred to many different places. When we go and buy strawberries from the grocery story, and take them home they last about 3 or 4 days. Many it's because strawberries travel. In the summer time we go strawberries to eat, but in the winter time strawberries are transported from places like California (where it rarely has bad weather). Strawberries also probably rot fast because when strawberries are been delivered to different places they are sitting in trucks, planes and cars to get to different destinations. That is why strawberries rot fairly fast!

What food would you like to take with you?


Three pickers can harvest 30 gallons of strawberries in four hours at this rate how long will it take 5 pickers to harvest 75 gallons of strawberries?

It will take 6 hours for 5 pickersto harvest 75 gallons of strawberries.

How many seeds does it take to grow 1 strawberry?

One strawberry seed should produce one plant, which can produce many strawberries.

How many air miles does it take to get strawberries from Morocco to Glasgow?

Glasgow and Morocco are around 1,674 air miles apart.

How many strawberries in a bushel?

Isn't it sort of hard to answer how many "strawberries" are in a bushel? Because if some strawberries are super large and others are small to med. sized, wouldn't this effect how many strawberries can fit in the bushel (container)? That is, if a farmer put super large strawberries in a basket and another farmer uses the exact same basket, but he/she put small or med. size strawberries it it. The second farmer will be able to get "more" in the basket than the other farmer with the largest fruit! Now, if a "bushel" is measured by "weight", then that would be an entire different story! It wouldn't matter what size the strawberries are...because they would be all be "weighed". EXAMPLE: Therefore, 50 super large-size strawberries would be the "approx." equavilent of 60-75 small-med. size strawberries! But, when "weighed" they all would equal the same weight...take or leave out a few.

How do strawberries get packaged?

strawberries are fruit they grow in a garden they pick them up wash them put them in a plastic container and package them and take them to a store

How long does it take for mold to grow on strawberries?

5000 years