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512 subsets

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Q: How many subsets with an odd number of elements does a set of 10 elements have - Can you explain?
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How many subjects does a set of a elements have?

The number of subjects will depend on what the elements of the set are. The number of subsets is 2a.

How many proper subsets does a set with four elements have?

A set with n elements has 2n subsets. The number of proper subsets is one less, since 2n includes the set itself.

What does find the number of subsets mean?

That means, figure out how many different subsets a set has. In general, if a set has n elements, it has 2n different subsets.

How many subsets with more than two elements does a set with 100 elements have?

To get the number of subsets of size less than 2:Total number of subsets of a set of size N is 2NTotal number of subsets of size 1 is 100Total number of subsets of size 0 is 1Total number of subsets of size 2 is 100*99/2 = 4950Sum up: 100 + 1 + 4950 = 5051Subtract this from total subsets: 2100 - 5051 (Answer)

How many subsets does set a have if the set a has three elements?

8 subsets

How many subsets have a set with 9 elements?

A set with 9 elements has 2^9 = 512 subsets.

How many subsets does a set of elements have?


How many subsets are there in 50 elements?


How many subsets are there in universal set?

If the universal set contains N elements then it has 2N subsets.

How many odd subset number in 101 element?

There are 2100 = 1.268*1030 or 1,268 octllion subsets with an odd number of elements.

How many subsets does 6 elements have?

If you have a set of 6 elements, you can make a total of 26 different subsets - including the empty set and the set itself.

How many subsets does a set of n elements have?

2n. SeeHow_many_subsets_are_there_in_12_elements

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