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32. Most pools are 25 meters across.

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Q: How many swimming laps equal 800 yards?
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How many laps is 150 yards in swimming?

6 laps

How many swimming laps equal 600 yards?

24 in a 25yd pool 12 in a 50yd pool

How many swimming laps equal 440 yards?

If this helps, each lap ( there and back is 50 meters ). 440 yards is 402.336 meters. 402.336 divided by 50 is 8.04 laps. 440 yards = 8.04 laps. ( there and back ) Hope this helps! :D

How many laps in a 30ft pool equal 400 yards?

20 laps.

How many laps equal a 100 yards?


How many swimming laps equals 200 yards?

well the answer for this qustion depends on wether you're swimming long course or short course if you're swimming long course 200 yards would be 4 laps if you're swimming short course 200 yards would be 8 laps

How many laps in a pool equal 1650 yards?

In a standard yard pool, 25 yards, it takes 66 laps.

HOW MANY Laps on a running track equal 500 yards?

About One and One Quarter Laps.

How many laps in swimming mile?

66 laps in a 25 yard pool would equal a miles.

How many laps is 500yds in a swimming pool?

Assuming a 25 yards long pool, 10 laps (20 lengths of the pool).

How many swimming laps equals a quarter of a mile of swimming?

It depends on the size of the swimming pools. If the pool is small, you need to swim many laps to get to 1/4 mile. 1/4 mile is 440 yards.

How many laps should you swim to equal 1 mile?

66 laps in an average YMCA swimming pool.

How many laps is equal to swimming 1.5k?

about 66 in a 25 yard pool

How many laps make a mile?

On an outdoor track 4 laps equal one mile. In a swimming pool, a swimming mile is 33 laps down and back, a real mile is 36 laps down and back.

How many laps in a 15 yard pool equal a mile?

Thirty five laps is equal to a mile in a fifteen yard swimming pool. The time to complete these laps may vary.

How many swimming laps is 2000 yards?

The correct term is length but there are 60 lengths in a 2000 free

In a 25-yard swimming pool how many laps do you have to swim to constitute a mile?

1 lap = 2 lengths (50 yards) 36 laps of 25 yards pool = a little over 1 mile 18 laps of 25 yards pool = 0.5 mile 9 laps of 25 yards pool = 0.25 mile

How many laps in 500 yards?

20 laps

How many laps are in a .75k swim?

.75k = 820.209974 yards. If you are swimming a 25 yard pool: A lap (technically defined as ONE length of a pool not two): 32.8 laps is the answer. So if you're swimming a sprint tri, swim 33 laps.

How many laps on a 2100 yard?

Each lap of a standard U.S. swimming pool is 25 yards (most of the world uses a 50 meter pool, including the Olympics). 2100 yards = 84 laps x 25 yards

How many laps in a 25 meter pool must you swim to equal 800 yards?


How many laps to equal a mile swimming a 50 meter lap?

A mile is 1600m, therefore you need to swim 32 laps of a 50m pool to equal 1 mile

How many laps in a olympic pool equals 500 yards?

I, being a Water Safety Survival Instructor Trainer, would swim 4.5 laps if it was a timed event. Because 9 lengths are going to be a little less than 8 yards to short. 5 laps giving you 10 lengths will put you swimming 546.81 yards. So that is what this JARHEAD would advise. An Olympic size pool is 50m (54.68 yards) long so 9.14 laps would equal 500yards.

How many laps equal 300 yards in a pool?

It depends on the size of the pool and they are not all a standard size.

How many lengths is 400 yards swimming?

Some pools were built where the length is 25m or 25yards. So in a 400, there are 16 laps.