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a circle has an infinite amount of symmetrical lines. everywhere you put a line through a circle, it will be symmetrical.

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Q: How many symmetrical lines does a circle have?
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How many lines on symmatrie does a circle have?

A circle has an infinite number of lines of symmetry. The circle is symmetricalacross any line that passes through its center.

How can you find 10 symmetrical lines in a circle?

Split the circle into 10 quartresSplit the circle into 10 quartres

What is the most symmetrical 2D shape?

A circle, since it has an infinite number of lines of symmetry

Is a circle symmetric?

a circle has infinite line of symmetry, if you spin it, it has still got infinite linesso yes it is symmetrical

How many lines of symmetrical does a square have?

It has 4 lines of symmetry

How many symmetrical lines in a octagon?


How many symmetrical lines are in a pentagon?


How many symmetrical lines does a Mercedes bagde have?


How many axes of a symmetrical circle?

infinite number of axes

Is a circle symmetrical?

Yes a circle is symmetrical about its diametral line (straight line through its centre).

How many lines of semetry are there on a circle?

There are infinitely many lines of symmetry on a circle.

How many lines in circle?

A circle has an infinite number of lines

How many lines of symetry does a polygon have?

Different polygons have differentiating amounts of symmetrical lines.

Is a circle a symmetrical?

yes, it is the most symmetrical shape.

When you rotate a circle how many places are there where it looks exactly the same?

Infinitely many. A circle is symmetrical in infinitely many ways as well.

How many symmetry lines circle have?

A circle has lines of symmetry that are infinite

What are the three types of geometric lines?

They are amongst many more:- Perpendicular lines Parallel lines Diagonal lines Transversal lines Symmetrical lines

How many symmetrical lines in a scalene triangle?

That's easy! NONE!

About how many lines of symetry are in a circle?

A circle has an infinite amount of lines of symetry.

How many lines of semmtry does a circle have?

A circle has an endless or infinite lines of symmetry.

How many lines are in a circle have?

zero lines.

This shape has no straight sides It is symmetrical?

yes it can be a circle has no straight sides, but is symmetrical

What are lines that make two halves of a figure symmetrical?

a symmetrical line.

What kind of turn symmetry does a circle has?

A circle is infinitely symmetrical.

How many lines can be drawn through a given point on a circle that is tangent to the circle?

Infinite lines because a circle has infinite lines of symmetry.