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Q: How many tables in a row are needed to seat 105 students?
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How many outdoor picnic tables can accommodate 80 people?

Different outdoor picnic tables can vary in size and seating number. If the tables used seat 10 people, then 8 tables are needed. For 8 person tables, use 10 tables.

How many people do patio dining tables typically seat?

Typically, patio dining tables seat four, six or eight to accommodate party guests or a family dining.

How many possible table sizes that will seat an equal number of guest for 1001 guest?

To seat all the 1001 guests, then tables of size of the factors of 1001 will do: The 8 factors of 1001, and thus the possible table sizes, are: 1, 7, 11, 13, 77, 91, 143, 1001 So you could have: 1001 tables with 1 seat each 143 tables with 7 seats each 91 tables with 11 seats each 77 tables with 13 seats each 13 tables with 77 seats each 11 tables with 91 seats each 7 tables with 143 seats each 1 table with 1001 seats 100 tables that seat ten (leave 1 guest unseated)

If there are 11 tables and 6 tables seat 4 people each and 5 tables seat 8 each what is the maximum number of people who can sit at the tables?

The anserw is 64 people. 6x4=24 5x8=40 24+40=64

How many full tables are there if there are 138 people sitting at the tables in the hall and each table can seat 12 people and all the tables are full except one?

To find the number of full tables, divide 138 by 12, Your answer will be the number of tables that are full. 138 divided by 12 equals 11 full tables with one having 6 people.

What do side tables contain?

They can be used to lay out food or could be used to seat people.

There are seven seven square tables each table seats four people how many people can be seated at the tables if the tables are lined up end to end?

Five of the tables would only sit 2 people, one on each side. The two at each end would seat 3 each, so the total would be 16.

How many people does a standard picnic table seat?

A regular picnic table will seat 4-6 people depending on how much space you each want, and whether you are seating adults or children but there are picnic tables of all sizes

Duties and responsibilities of busboy?

A busboy is responsible for clearing plates and cups off of tables. They are also responsible for cleaning tables and sanitizing after customers have left.

Eric is catering a party for 152 people He wants to seat the same number of people at each table He also wants more than 2 people but fewer than 10 at a table How many people can he seat at each table?

He with either have 38 tables with 4 people at each table, or 19 tables with 8 at each table.

Are end tables for the kitchen or the living room?

End tables belong in living rooms not kitchens. They're called end tables because they go at the end of the couch and sometimes beside a love seat in a living room.

How many students are in sir pj hartog international hall of Dhaka University?

not more than 100 student