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There are two hundred thousand.

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0 tens

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Q: How many ten thousands are in 2 billion?
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How many ten thousands are in 4 billion?

It depends which version of billion you use. 1) Most common: 1 billion is 1,000,000,000. That is 1,000,000 thousands, and 100,000 ten thousands. The answer would be one hundred thousand. 2) contemporary English: 1 billion is 1,000,000,000,000. That is 1,000,000,000 thousands, and 100,000,000 ten thousands. The answer would be one hundred million.

Is 2 thousands equal to 2 billion?


How many ten thousands are there in 426 987?

There are: 2*10,000 = 20,000

How many hundreds are in 2 ten billions?

2 ten billions equals 20 billion. Divide by 100 gives 200 million.

How many hundreds equal 5 ten thousands?

There are 500 lots of hundreds in fifty thousands.

How many zeros in a billion?

One billion = 1,000,000,000 There are 9 zeros Let us see: List place value columns: 1)Ones 2) Tens 3)Hundreds 4) Thousands 5) Ten Thousands 6) Hundred Thousands 7) Millions ( you can not say a thousand thousands ) 8) Ten Million 9) Hundred Million 10 Thousand Million 11 Ten thousand Million 12) Hundred Thousand Million 13) Billion (You can not say a million millions) General Rule for naming place-value columns: " You can not repeat the same denomination twice"This rule is applied after the thousands column. For example; "One. thousand thousands is improper, it is renamed "one million" CONCLUSION; A BILLION MUST HAVE 12 ZEROS such: 1,ooo,ooo,ooo,ooo "One thousand millions",proper. No need to rename it.

How do you write 2 ten thousands?


How many times greater is a billion than a ten million?

A billion is 100 times greater than ten million. This is because of the following: Billion=1000000000=9 zeros Ten million=10000000=7 zeros If you take away 7 from 9 in equals 2 zeros. So, 2 zeros equal to 100.

How do you write 8 ten millions 1million 8 hundred thousands 1 ten thousand 2 thousands 6 hundreds 2 tens 2 ones?


What digit in 4765329010 is in ten thousands place?


What is 100 billion to the power of ten?

100 = 1021 billion = 109100 billion = 10(2+9) = 1011100 billion to the power of ten = (1011)10 = 10(11x10) = 10110That's 10 billion googols.

How many times less is ten than ten thousands?

just one time means we less the ten from thousand and ten its become thousand

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