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Since a tennis ball has a diameter that is greater than 2 inches, the answer is 0.

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Q: How many tennis balls can fit in a 2x2x2 box?
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How many hundreds of balls are there in a box holding 90000 balls?


If A box contains three black balls and four gold balls Two balls are randomly drawn in succession from the box If there is no replacement what is the probability that both balls are black?

(3/7)*(2/7)=(6/49) You have a 6 out of 49 probability.

How many boxes do you need to if you have 217 balls and your putting them in boxes with 5 balls in each?

217/5 = 43.4With 43 boxes, you can take care of 215 balls. After that, you have a decision to make:You have 2 balls left over. You can either slip them into your pocket and walk away, orput them into Box #44.

A bag contains 5 balls two balls are drawn at a random and found to be red what is the probability that all balls are red?

The probability that all balls are red is 0.50 or 50%.EXPLANATIONSuppose there are 4 boxes with 5 balls each.Box A has 2 red balls.Box B has 3 red balls.Box C has 4 red balls.Box D has 5 red balls.The probability of drawing at random 2 red balls for each box is:Box A; P(2 red balls) = (2/5)∙(1/4) = 2/20 = 1/10Box B; P(2 red balls) = (3/5)∙(2/4) = 6/20 = 3/10Box C; P(2 red balls) = (4/5)∙(3/4) = 12/20 = 6/10Box D; P(2 red balls) = (5/5)∙(4/4) = 20/20 = 10/10Now, suppose we do the drawing of 2 balls experiment 10 times on each boxgiving a total of 40 experiments. The probabilities calculated above are the"expected" results, that is; out of the 40 experiments (drawing of 2 balls), twored balls resulted:1 time came from box A3 times from box B6 times from box C10 times from box DNotice that from the 40 experiments, 20 result in 2 red balls.From here we have that when drawing 2 red balls the probability that it camefrom a box containing 2 red balls (box A), 3 red balls (box B), 4 red balls (box C)or 5 red balls is:P(A) = 1/20 = 0.05 = 5%P(B) = 3/20 = 0.15 = 15%P(C) = 6/20 = 0.30 = 30%P(D) = 10/20 = 0.50 = 50%

A box contains 4 red balls and 2 black balls Three balls are drawn with replacement Let the random variable X be the number of red balls obtained?

x X over 2 = 2

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How many little block of wood 2x2x2 will fit in a box by 8x8x18?


A box sits in a room Inside the box are eight tennis balls Eight boys each take one tennis ball yet one tennis ball remains in the bo?

One of the boys leaves the ball in the box and takes the box with him.

Diameter of each ball is 40 mm How many table tennis balls can be kept in a box measuring 8 by 8 by 8 centimeters?


Will a plastic box filled with tennis balls sink deeper into the water than an empty box of the same size and shape?


How many hundreds of balls are there in a box holding 90000 balls?


Why is it that when 20cm3 of water is mixed with 20cm3 of sugar you do not get 40cm3?

Some of the sugar will dissolve in the water. An easy way to imagine this is to imagine a huge box (I'll say 10m3 as an example) full of basketballs, and another huge box (again, 10m3) full of table tennis balls. If you mixed the two boxes in an even bigger box, the table tennis balls would fill in the spaces between the basketballs and you'd end up with less than 20m3 of balls.

Are there any tennis balls in a Shakespeare play?

Yes, in Henry V. The Dauphin of France, thinking that Henry is a worthless fribble as he appeared to be when he was Prince Hal (in the Henry IV plays) sends as compensation for the English claims to the throne of France a box of tennis balls (which he calls a treasure chest), implying that Henry is probably more interested in tennis than politics. Big mistake. The tennis balls just make Henry mad and more convinced than ever to start a war with France.

How many billiard balls can fit in the 25 feet cube box?

If they are standard American pool balls with a 2.25" diament, you can fit 4,529,370 balls in a 25 cubic foot box.

What would happen to the surface area if the box's dimension's were quadrupled?

The surface area would increase by x16, e.g. 2x2x2 box= 24cm squared 8x8x8 box= 384cm squared :384/24=16

Show by giving a proof by contradiction that if 100 balls are placed in nine boxes some box contains 12 or more balls.?

If every box contained 11 balls that would account for only 99 balls. The hundredth ball has to be placed in a box already containing 11 balls...

Will a plastic box filled with tennis balls sink deeper into the water than an empty plastic of the same size and shape Explain?

You have a plastic box that is 15cm wide x 20cm long x 10cm deep, and it weighs 30 grams. Its volume is 3000cm3, the area that will contact the water is 300cm2, and its density is .01g/cm3. An object will displace water until the weight of water displaced is equal to the weight of the object. Divide the mass by the surface area, and we learn the box will sink into the water one millimeter. Now add six 60g tennis balls to it. The total weight is now 390g - thirteen times the mass of the empty box. Divide the mass by the surface area, and the box will sink into the water 13mm.

What special rules are in tennis?

Some special rules made in tennis is that if the ball bounces on your box you will be out.