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7 tenths

No hundreds.

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Q: How many tenths and hundreds in 0.73?
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Related questions

How many hundreds is 40 tenths?

40 tenths is 0.04 hundreds.

How many hundreds equal eight tenths?

eight tenths = 0.008 hundreds eight tenths = eighty hundredths

How many hundreds in three tenths?

Three tenths = thirty hundredths.

Which is greater 4 tenths and 2 hundreds or 2 tenths and 4 hundreds?

2 tenths and 4 hundreds

How many hundreds in four tenths?


35 hundreds equals how many tenths and 5 hundreds?

.35 = .3 + .05 3 tenths and 5 hundredths

How many hundreds are equal to five tenths?


How many tenths is in 57 hundredths?

570 hundreds

Is seventy five hundreds or six tenths bigger?

75 hundreds = 0.75 6 tenths = 0.6 75 hundreds is bigger

How many hundreds are in one tenths?


How many tenths are eqivalent to 30 hundreds?

Thirty thousands!

What is 5.38 in tenths and hundreds?

Fifty-three tenths and eight hundredths

Is tenths or hundredths bigger?

tenths on right side of decimal, hundreds on the other

How many tenths in 6.25?

There are 2 tenths in 6.25.. The 6 is in the ones column, the 2 is in the tenths column and the 5 is in the hundredths column.. (There's a difference between tens/tenths and hundreds/hundredths)

Is four tenths equal to four hundreds?


What number are you if you have 6 hundreds 3 ones 14 tens and 9 tenths?

If you have 6 hundreds 3 ones 14 tens and 9 tenths, you are 743.9.

Which is greater seventy-five hundreds or six tenths?

Both seventy-five hundreds and seventy-five hundredths, which is probably what you meant, are greater than six tenths.

How many times greater is the digit in the hundreds place then the tenths for the number 0.11?

None, the digits are the same.

What is 0.75 rounded to the hundreds?

That is rounded to the hundreds place. The 7 is in the tenths place and the 5 is in the hundreds place. If you want to round it to the tenths place though, it would be 0.8 because 5's always round up.

Is nine tenths the same as ninety hundreds?


What is seventy hundreds two tenths?

1 tentghs

How do you write 6 tenths and 3 hundreds?

.63 is zero and 63 hundredths. (Or 6 tenths and 3 hundredths.)

What is the place value of 5 in 218.520?

5 is in tenths place.

Why are 4 hundreds equal to 4 tenths?

Actually it isn't.

Why is 4 tenths equal to 4 hundreds?

Actually it isn't.

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