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Three quarters is equal to seven and a half tenths.

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Q: How many tenths are there in three quarters?
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How many quarters are in three quarters?

There are three quarters in three quarters.

How many tenths are there in three tenths?

Three tenths.

What is larger three quarters or nine tenths?

Nine tenths is larger.

What is the answer to the fraction nine tenths minus three quarters?

It is: 3/20

How many tenths in three and three tenths?


Is five tenths greater than three fourths?

No. Five tenths is actually one half, whereas three quarters is a half and a quarter.

How many inches are in three-fourths?

That depends what it is three quarters of. If it is three quarters of a foot, there are 9 inches. If it is three quarters of an inch, it is three quarters of an inch.

How many hundreds in three tenths?

Three tenths = thirty hundredths.

How many quarters in two and three quarters?

11 quarters

How many quarters are in 5 and three quarters?

23 quarters

How many quarters in three quarters?


How many tenths can three oranges be cut into?

Three oranges can be cut into 30 tenths.

Which is larger three quarters or seven tenths?

7/10 is bigger than 3/4 with the default

Jane has some nickels dimes and quarters which total 1.90 She has twice as many quarters as dimes she has three times as many quarters as nickels how many quarters does she have?

Peggy had three times as many quarters as nickels. She had $1.60 in all. How many nickels and how many quarters did she have?

How many quarters in seven and three quarters?


What fraction is between 5 10 and 1?

If I understand the question correctly, what is between five tenths or one half and one? Six tenths, three quarters, etc.

How many quarters in five three quarters?

Assuming the question refers to 5 and three quarters, there are 20 quarters in 5 and three more so 23.

How many halves are in three and five tenths?

Number of halves in three and five tenths is 7

How many quarters are in a year and three months?

5 quarters are in a year and three months.

How many quarters are there in three and the half?

There are fourteen quarters in three and a half

How many ounces in three quarters of a gallon?

There are 96 oz. in three quarters of a gallon.

What is nine tenths plus one and three quarters?

9/10 + 13/4 = 2 13/20

How many quarters of earth are covered in water?

three quarters

How many quarters do you have if you add one half and one quarter together?

three quarters. one half (two quarters) and one quarter = three quarters.

What is three and five tenths divided three and four tenths?

Three and five tenths divided by three and four tenths is 1.0294.

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