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Q: How many tenths does it take to make 1 hundredths?
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How many tenths and hundredths are in 144 hundredths?

144 hundredths is 1.44 so it has four each of tenths and hundredths.

How many tenths does it take to make 4 wholes?

Ten tenths make 1 whole. So 40 tenths make 4 wholes.

How many tenths does it take to make 3.7?

it 30

How many tenths does it take to make 1milliliter?

You need to specify tenths of what in order for the question to be answered.

How many tenths does it take to make one whole?


How many tenths does it take to make 10 wholes?


How many tenths does it take to make up 54?


How many hundredths does it take to make 2 whole?

It takes 200 of them.

How many tenths does it take to make up 3 wholes?


How do you make 0.9 into fraction?

0.9 is nine tenths, showed as (9/10). Just take how many places the number is, as here it is the tenths place, so its nine tenths. Example: If you want something like .75 into a fraction, seventy-five is in the hundredths place, so it is (75/100), reduced is (3/4)

How many tenths does it take to make a whole?


How many tenths do it take to make 2.6?

26 of them because 26/10 = 2.6

What is the nearest tenth 2.089?

We take the number after the tenths place which is the hundredths place. This is the 8 in 2.089. This is 5 or greater, so we round the tenths place up giving us 2.1.

What is 0.357107963 rounded to the nearest tenth?

0.4 You take 5 which is in the hundredths place and if it's 5 or above you round the tenths place up, 4 or less you keep it the same. So 3 gets rounded up to 4. Tip: Don't look at the whole number because it's confusing. Just focus on the tenths and hundredths place if your rounding to the tenths place.

How do you round 2.32 to the nearest tenth?

You take the hundredths position and round it to the tenths position. In this example 2 rounds down to add nothing and thus forms 2.3

How do you round 4.293 to nearest tenth?

You take the number to the right of the tenths place (9). Then, you round the number in the tenths place depending on the number in the hundredths place (<5- stay the same, >4-round up). The answer would be 4.3.

What is the value of 3 in 191.63?

the value of the 3 in 191.63 is 3/100th's (said as three one-hundredths, or 3 over 100, depending on where you are from usually). it is 3/100th's because it is in the hundredths decimal spot: (integer).(tenths)(onehundredths)(onethousandths) an easy way to remember the spots is to picture a 1 (one) in ur head and remembering how many zeros (or place-holders, which is just a number) it would take to get to that spot. for tenths spot, there is one zero needed, and so the picture in ur head should be 10, and thus tenths spot :) for hundredths position, there is two zeros (or placeholders) to get there, and so the mental picture becomes 100, and thus one-hundredths spot. fyi, hundredths is interchangeable with one-hundredths (meaning they mean the same thing, just different way of saying it).

How many tenths are in 3 and a half?

If you assume that number 1 equals 10, then there are ten tenths in this. If you take the number up to 3.5, then this would be 35 tenths. However, if you are asking how many tenths are there in 3 and a half from the NUMBER 10, then this works out at 2.85.

How many hundredths would it take to get a whole?

One hundred hundredths makes a whole.

What is 1 take away 7 tenths?

3 tenths

How many tenths does it take to make two whole?

20 (10x.1=1, 20x.1=2)

What is two wholes take away eleven - tenths?


How do you write fifty-five hundredths as a decimal?

You take the place vlaues accordingly: first there are the tenths, then the hundredths, then thousandths, ten thousandths, so on. For example, 0.1 would be 1 tenth. 0.01 would be one hundreth, 0.001 would be one thousandth, and so on. Each zero marks a decimal place. Therefore, fifty-five hundredths would be written as 0.55.

How many hundredths does it take to make 8.43?

eight hundred and forty-three 843 x 1/100 = 843 x 0.01 = 8.43

How many tenths does it take to equal one half?

Five of them because 5/10 = 1/2