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The answer is eight tenths.

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Q: How many tenths equal 80 hundredths?
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How many tenths are equal to 80 hundredths?

There are 8 tenths in eighty hundredths.

How many hundredths equal 8 tenths?

80 hundredths equal 8 tenths

Is 3.8 equal to 80 tenths and 300 hundredths?

80 tenths and 300 hundredths

How many tenths and ones equals 800 hundredths?

80 tenths 1 ones

What hundredths equal 0.8?

80 hundredths is what 0.8 is equal to.

What is the value of the tenths in the decimal 89.02?

It is nought because there are no tenths but it does have 2 hundredths

How many thousandths equal 8 hundredths?

80 of them.

What is the answer to 7 and 2 tenths divided by 9 hundredths?


Is 80 equal to eighty hundredths?


Why is 0.8 is equal to 80 percent instead of 8 percent?

Because 0.8 is eight tenths. Eight percent is eight hundredths or 0.08

Which is heavier 0.81 or eight tenths of a pound?

As eight tenths can be written as 0.80 it is smaller than 0.81. Eight tenths (0.80) is the same as 80 hundredths while 0.81 is the same as 81 hundredths.

What is the value of 8 in 1.83 answer?

eight tenths 8/10

How many hundredths are in 0.8?

0.8 = 80 hundredths

Is nine-tenths of 80 equal to 70?

No, it is 72.

What are two decimals that equal eight tenths?


What fraction is equal to 0.8 in hundredths?

0.8 = 80/100

How many 8 units in 80 tenths?

80 tenths is 8, so there one 8 in 8 tenths.

If 60 percent equals 48 what does 100 percent equal?

If 48 is six tenths then ten tenths is 80

How many units is 80 tenths?


Is 0.8 greater than 0.80?

its the same thing, if you add a zero to the end of the .8 then you would get .80. Since the 8 is in the tenths place in both the .8 and .80 they come out to be 80 hundredths which simplifies to 8 tenths.

Which is greater 2 tenths and 400 or 4 tenths and 200?

They are equal. One tenth of 400 is 40. 40x2=80 One tenth of 200 is 20. 20x4=80

What is equal to eight tenths?

eight tenths means 8 x 1/10 which = 8/10 = 4/5 = .80

What fractions are equivalent to seven tenths?

14/20, 28/40, and 56/80. Seven tenths is equal to 70% or .70.

How many tenths in eight?

If there are 10 tenths in one, then there are (10 x 8) tenths in eight.That means there are 80 tenths in 8.

How many ones in 80 tenths?

There are 8.