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If there are 10 tenths in one, then there are (10 x 8) tenths in eight.

That means there are 80 tenths in 8.

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Q: How many tenths in eight?
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How many hundreds equal eight tenths?

eight tenths = 0.008 hundreds eight tenths = eighty hundredths

How many tenths equal 80 hundredths?

The answer is eight tenths.

How many tenths in four over eight?

Five tenths.

What is the sum of eight and nine tenths and nine and eight tenths?

The sum of (eight and nine tenths) plus (nine and eight tenths) is (eighteen and seven tenths). 8.9 + 9.8 = 18.7

How do you you write eight tenths in four different ways?

eight tenthsEIGHT TENTHSeight tenthseight tenths

How many thousandths in 8 tenths?

Eight tenths, or 0.8, is equal to 800 thousandths.

How many fifths in eight tenths?

1.6 fifths in eight tenths.

Which is bigger eight-tenths or six-eights?

Eight tenths

Is negative eight tenths equivalent to eight tenths in fractions?

No, it is not.

How do you write eight and four-tenths?

eight and four tenths

How do you write three tenths and eight tenths?

three tenths is 3/10 eight tenths is 8/10

Eight and four tenths in decimal?

Eight and four tenths : 8.4

How do you Write eight tenths as a decimal number.?

Eight tenths = 0.8

How many fifths in one and six tenths?


How do you write eight tenths in expanded form?

Eight tenths is written, .800.

What is greater 0.45 or eight tenths?

Eight tenths is greater than 0.45

What fraction is bigger eight tenths or four sixths?

Eight tenths is larger.

Write eight tenths as a decimal?

eight tenths as a decimal = 0.8

How many tenths are in four fifths?

There are eight tenths in four fifths.

How many tenths are there in 4 5?

There are 8 tenths in 4/5, since 4/5 equals 8/10 or eight tenths.

Is four tenths equal to eight tenths?


What is eight tenths in numerals?

Umm, if I understand you, 8/10 (eight tenths) is 0.8 ( zero point eight)

What is eight and two tenths minus eight and seven tenths?

It is minus one half.

How do you write seven and eight tenths in a decimal?

Seven and eight tenths in a decimal is 7.8.

What is one over eight tenths plus eight tenths?

2.05 or 41/20.

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