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Two tenths equal one fifth.

Working out

: 2/10 = 1/5

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how many tenths make a fifth?

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Q: How many tenths make one fifth?
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Related questions

How many tenths equals one fifth?

Two tenths equals one fifth..

How many tenths are there in one and four fifth?


Does one fifth equal two tenths?

Yes, one fifth is the same as two tenths.

What is greater one fifth or two tenths?

On fifth is the same as two tenths.

What is 8 tenths minus one fifth?

One fifth is two tenths. 8 tenths minus 2 tenths is 6 tenths or 3 fifths.

Is one half less one fifth?

One half is five tenths. One fifth is two tenths. One half less one fifths is five tenths less two tenths, or three tenths. .5 - .2 = .3

How many tenths is one fifth?

2/10 = 1/5

By how many tenths is a fifth less than 7 tenths?

A fifth is 2 tenths, which is 5 tenths (or one half) less than 7 tenths: 7/10-1/5=7/10-2/10=5/10=1/2

What fraction is equivalent to two tenths?

one fifthone fifth

What is one half minus three tenths?

two tenths or, simplified, one fifth.

What is three tenths plus one fifth?

Three tenths = 0.3, and one fifth = 0.2, so 0.3 + 0.2 equals 0.5 or one half.

What is one half minus one fifth?

One half minus one fifth is 3 tenths

Are there two tenths in one fifth?


What does two tenths equals?

one fifth

What is seven tenths plus one fifth?

One ninth

What do you add to one fifth to get one half?

three tenths

What is one fifth plus four tenths?


What is two tenths equivalent to?

One-fifth (or 20%)

What is one-fifth of three-tenths?


What is nine tenths minus what equal one fifth?

Eight Fifths

How many fifths are in two tenths?

2/10 = 1/5 (divide by two) So there is one fifth in two tenths.

What s four tenths minus one fifths?

one fifth

What number is equal to one-fifth?

There are many fractions that are equal to one fifth. To find them, you multiply any whole number, (1/5 times 2) and find the answer. (2/10) When you reduce two tenths, (or any fraction) divide 2/10 by 2 and get 1/5. Two tenths and one fifth are equal.

What 32 tenths in simplest form?

3 and one fifth

What is three tenths minus one fifth?

1 tenth

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