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Ten/tenths of anything make up a whole. In the case of a mile one tenth of a mile = 528 feet.

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Q: How many tenths make up a mile?
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How many tenths does it take to make up 54?


How may tenths make up one whole?

10 tenths make up a whole

How many feet make up a mile?

1 mile = 5280 feet

How many tenths does it take to make up 3 wholes?


How many tenths make up two wholes?

There are ten tenths in a whole. Therefore: 10 X 2 = 20 (twenty tenths in two wholes).

How many rods make up a mile?


How many one tenths are in 3?

There is Ten singular Tenths (0.1) in a whole 'One' (1.0). Thirty Tenths make up Three (3.0)

How many square miles make up one mile?

The perimeter of a square mile would be a four mile walk.

How many 10ths in 3.1?

31 tenths make up the value 3.1

How many blocks make up a mile?

in school here in baltimore city md, we were told 12 city blocks make a mile

How many tenths make up one quarter?

2 and a half 10/4=2.5

How many rods make up Mile?

Need length of rods in question to answer.

How many kilometers make up of mile?

1 miles is equal to 1.61 kilometers.

How many tenths are in a foot?

Ten tenths add up to one whole anything. Ten tenths of a foot are one foot. Same with ten tenths of a mile, an ounce, a century, a piano, a book, an apple, and a city. If you divide something into parts and you have all of the parts, you have the whole thing. If you mean something like "how many tenths of inches are in a foot," that's a different question. ---- You could change the measurement to the metric system, which is based on tenths.

Does 40 tenths make up 4 wholes?


How many furlongs make up a mile?

There are eights furlongs in a mile.1 Furlong=201.168 meters.

How many tenths are in 3 and a half?

If you assume that number 1 equals 10, then there are ten tenths in this. If you take the number up to 3.5, then this would be 35 tenths. However, if you are asking how many tenths are there in 3 and a half from the NUMBER 10, then this works out at 2.85.

How many feet is 4 tenths of a mile?

Well, if one mile is 5,280 feet and you are looking for 1 fourth of a mile... the formula for that would be to divide one fourth into 5,280 feet... I think. Solve it and see what you come up w/h. Or better yet, wait for some-one better at doing Algebra to come along and tell you the answer !! Or, take 5280 divide it by 10 then multiply it by 4 . like this 5280/10=528*4=2112 4 tenths of a mile equals 2112 feet

How many laps make up the Indianapolis 500?

Four laps is equivalent to one mile. This therefore means that 125 laps make up the Indianapolis 500 miles.

How many parsecs make up a mile?

1 parsec = 3.26 light years = 19,164,611,570,000 miles (rounded) 1 mile = 0.00000000000005218 parsec (rounded)

What does number of people per square mile mean?

The number of people per square means how many people make up the population every square mile. This is called population density.

How many pounds do you lose in a mile?

you can not lose a full pound from a mile, but you can burn up to 240 calories in just one mile of walking

How many tenths equal a one half?

Ten tenths equal 1. So to find half of that, devide both sides by 2; you end up with 5 tenths equal one half.

How many feet equals up to a mile?


How many acres of land make up Arizona?

114006 square miles times 640 acres in a square mile is 72,963,840 acres.