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There are ten tenths in a whole. Therefore: 10 X 2 = 20 (twenty tenths in two wholes).

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How many tenths are in 2 wholes

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Q: How many tenths make up two wholes?
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How many tenths in two wholes?


How many fifths make two wholes?

Ten fifths make two wholes.

What is two wholes take away eleven - tenths?


What is the value of 2.8?

It is two wholes and eight tenths.

How much is two wholes and eight tenths as a decimal?


How many fifths make up to two wholes?


How many thirds are in three wholes?

How many thirds are there in two wholes

How many tenths make a fifth?

Two of them.

How many tenths to make a fifth?

two 2 x 1/10 = 2/10 then divide both by 2 1/5

How many tenths make two fifths?

4/10 is the answer

How many eights are in two wholes.?


How many tenths make one fifth?

Two tenths equal one fifth. Working out : 2/10 = 1/5 Don't get it? Post Messages to me and I will explain why.

How many fifth are there in two wholes?

Ten fifths.

How many sevenths are in two wholes?

14 of them.

How many fifths in 3 wholes and two fifths?


How many fifths are in two wholes three fifths?


How many two-fifths are there in 2 wholes?


How many 1 over 3s in two wholes?

There are three thirds (1/3s) in every whole, so there are six thirds in two wholes.

Is 6 wholes and two-eighths bigger then 6 wholes and two-eights?


How many thirds are in three wholes and two thirds?

11 thirds

Is one whole and 27 hundredths bigger than two wholes and 4 tenths?

No. 2 units is larger than 1 unit. Therefore 2.4>1.27

How many tenths is fifth less than seven tenths?

5 tenths. A fifth is two tenths. So 7 tenths - 2 tenths = 5 tenths

How many tenths in 0.25?

There are two and a half tenths in .25

how many fourths are in two wholes?

There are 8 fourths (also called 'quarters') in 2 wholes (or just plain, '2' )

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