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There are three terms in the given expression

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Q: How many terms are in 2x-5 plus 3y?
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How many terms are there in the algebraic expression in this problem 3y plus 9 plus 7x?

There are 3 terms in the algebraic expression of: 3y+9+7x

How many terms are in 2x plus 3y - 4z?

There are 3 terms in the given expression

How many terms are in x2 - 10xy plus 3y plus y2 - 1?


How many terms are in the expression x2 - 10xy plus 3y plus y 2 - 1?

There are 5 terms in the given expression

Solve this polyinomal 5x plus 6y plus 3y-2x?

5x + 6y + 3y - 2x you have to add like terms. add the y terms and then the x terms 9y + 3x this is your answer

2x plus 3y-5plus 3y-6 equals?

Collect like terms: 2x + 3y + 3y - 5 - 6 2x + 6y - 11

What is 2X plus 3Y-X plus 5Y?

2x + 3y - x + 5y combine the like terms 2x - x + 3y +5y simple arithmetic x + 8y

5x plus 3y equals 17?

5x + 3y = 17 is in its simplest form because there are no alike terms to combine.

Is the following expression algebraic arithmetic or neither 5x plus 3y?

5x+3y is an algebraic expression in two terms

What is 3y plus 3y?

3y +3y = 6y

3y plus 4z plus 12y equals 3y?

3y + 4z + 12y = 3y -3y -3y ------------------------- 4z + 12y = 0 divide everything by 4 z + 3y = 0 -3y -3y z = -3y

What is X plus y plus 4x-3x plus 2y plus 3y equal to?

Collecting like terms they are equal to: 2x+6y

What is 4x plus 3y plus x equals?


What is the equation for 3y plus 3y equals -1?

The equation for 3y + 3y = -1 is 3y + 3y = -1.

What is -x plus 3y plus 6x-6y?


X plus 3y-2y plus 3y?

X + 3y - 2y + 3y = X + (3-2+3)y = X + 4y

What is -3y plus y?

-3y + y = -2y

What is 5h x plus 3y plus 10k x plus 3y?

It's 5hx+10kx6y.

2x plus 3y-5 plus -3y-6 equals?


What does like terms mean?

Like terms are terms with the same variable to the same power. Examples: 2y and 3y are like terms. 2y and 2z are not like terms 4y squared and 3y squared are like terms 4y squared and 3y are not like terms

What is the terms of the expression 5x-3y+4?

5x 3y and 4

How do you simpilify this equatoin 2x - 2y plus 5z - 2x - y plus 3z?

Add together like terms: 8z-3y

Simplify 5x plus 3y plus 2x-6y?

the simplest form of 5x + 3y +2x - 6y is 7x-3y

What are the terms in the expression 5x3y-634?

The terms in the expression 5 x 3y - 634 are 5, 3y, -634

How do you solve -3y plus x equals 7?

Divide all terms by -3 then it will be in slope intercept form