How many therm equals 1cubic feet?

Updated: 10/24/2022
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One therm is equal to 100,000 BTU's (100,000 British thermal units) and has nothing to do with volume measurement (cubic feet).

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Q: How many therm equals 1cubic feet?
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How many cubic feet of natural gas are there in a therm?

100 cubic feet equals 1 therm

How many pounds in 1cubic feet?

1 pound

How many tons are in 1cubic feet?

It depends on the density of the substance.

1cubic feet equals how many kilogram?

No-one can answer this. Cubic feet is a measure of volume, kilogram is a measure of weight or mass. The units are different and there is no conversion from one to the other without also specifying a density.

1 gal equals how many cubic feet?

1cubic foot contains: 6.22 imperial gallons or 7.48 u.s. gallons...

1cubic feet how many square feet?

Banana. The question, as asked, has no sensible answer; it is not possible to convert volumes into areas.

How many liters containes 1cubic feet?

28.32 liters per cubic foot.

How many CFT 1cubic meter?

1 cubic meter = 35.3147 cubic feet

One cubic feet equals how many cubic yards?

.037 cubic yards equal 1 cubic ft. 1cubic yard equals 27 cubic feet.

How many kilos of natural gas are in a therm?

1 Therm is 100,000 BTU, and as there are 1000 BTU in 1 cubic foot of gas, 1 Therm = 100 cubic feet. Density of methane = 0.72 kg/cubic meter which is 35.3 cubic feet, so 100 cubic feet = 2.04 kg

How many btu are there in a therm?

there are 100.000 btu's in a therm.

16m equals how many feet?

16m equals how many feet?