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in the number minus twenty three there are minus sixty nine thirds.

In the number 2/3 there are two thirds.

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There are -11 of them.

23, with a remainder of 2. 23 2/3. Twenty three and two thirds.

6, each whole is 3 thirds

Three thirds in a cup.

There are 45 thirds in fifteen.

Thirty six and two thirds.

3 thirds are in one whole

5 there are 5 thirds in 1 and 2/3....there are 3 thirds in the whole (1) and 2 in the 2/thirds

assuming 23 means two thirds 360 x 2/3 = 240

there are 3 thirds in a whole.

There are 3 thirds in a unit, therefore there are 6 thirds in two units.

There are 8 "thirds" in two and two thirds.

That depends what there are two thirds of.

eight you answered your own question

Three thirds make up a whole.

There are 12 two thirds in eight.

There are 21 thirds in 7 wholes.

If you mean 3 whole and 2/3, the answer would be 11 thirds. If you mean 3 thirds and 2/3 the answer would be 5 thirds

There are 3 thirds in an inch. Three times three gives you 9 thirds.

I believe that there are three thirds in nine.

If there are three thirds in one, there must be six thirds in two.

600 / 23 = 26 2/23 or 26 and two twenty-thirds, or, rounded to two decimal places, 26.09.

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