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There are 4 three-fourths in 3.

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Q: How many three fourths are in 3?
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How many fourths are there in three fourths?

There are three fourths in three fourths!

How many fourths are in three fourths cup?

3! If a measurement says three fourths, that means 3/4. the numerator (3) is the amount of fourths there are.

How many fourths are there in three-fourth?

There are 3 fourths

How many fourths are in three fourths?

the answer is in the question three 3/4 = 1/4 x 3

How many three fourths are in twelve?

There are 16 3/4s. There are 16 ...three fourths

What is 3 and three fourths plus 3?

Three and three fourths plus three is six and three fourths.

How many 3 fourths are in 1?

one and one third, three fourths.

What is 3 fourths of 3 fourths?

three fourths of three fourths is the same as 3/4 x 3/4. 3 x 3 = 9 and 4 x 4 = 16. so three fourths of three fourths is 9/16

How many fourths are in six-eights?

6/8 will simplify to 3/4, so the answer is 3 fourths.Since the question was "how many fourths are there ... ?" , the answer is 3 . If you answer three fourths they may take it as 3/4 .

What is 2 and three fourths divides by three fourths equal?

3 2/3

How many teaspoons are in three-fourths?

3/4 of a cup of water is 36 teaspoons

How many fourths are in six eight?

There are 3 because 6/8 is equivalent to 3/4

What is three fourths divided by 1?

Three fourths or 3/4

How many quarters are in three fourths?

3/4 is the same as 75/100, and a quarter has a value of 25.Therefore, there are three quarters in three fourths.75/25 = 3

What is twenty one times three fourths?

The answer is 15 and 3 fourths. 21 times 3 equals 63 then you put the 4 from the three fourths underneath and reduce 63 fourths to 15 and three fourths. 4 divided by 63 is 15 with a remainder of 3 which leaves you with 15 and three fourths.

How to write three fourths?

Three-fourths - or three-quarters - is written as a fraction as 3/4 - or as 3/4.

What are the numerals for three fourths?

Three fourths (or three quarters) is 3 over 4: ¾

How many quarts are in three fourths of a gallon?

3 quarts.

How many is three fourths out of 365?

273 and 3/4

What does 3 three 4ths equal?

what does three three fourths equal? what does three three fourths equal?

What is half of three-fourths?


What is half of three fourths of a cup?

half of three fourths is 3/8

What is two fourths plus one fourths?

three fourths

What is three-fourths times five?

three and three fourths (3¾)

How many fourths in three and three fourths?

3.75/0.25 = 15