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Q: How many tiles at 6 x 6 inches to cover 20 square feet?
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How many 9x9 in tiles to cover 9 square feet?

Each tile covers 81 square inches. You have 1,296 square inches to cover. It will take 16 tiles to cover that area.

How may square feet to buy fto cover 105 square feet by 6x12 tiles?

If the 6x12 tiles are in inches, it will take two of them to cover a square foot. You will need 210 of them.

What is square footage of 327 tiles if each tile is 13 inches by 13 inches?

These 327 tiles will cover an area of 383.8 square feet.

If the kitchen is shaped like a rectangle and is eleven feet by fourteen feet how many tiles will be needed to cover a 4 inches by 4 inches square tile?

11 feet x 14 feet = 154 square feet. You would need 9 tiles, that measured 4 inches x four inches, to cover one square foot. So you would need 154 x 9 tiles to cover the entire area, which is 1386 tiles.

How many 12 x 12 square feet tiles will it take to cover 144 square feet?

If your tiles are 12 inches x 12 inches you would need 144 of them.

How many square feet would 41 tiles 16 x16 inches cover?

Approximately 73 square feet.

How many 18 square inch tiles will be needed to cover 576 square feet?

576 feet x 12 inches in a foot = 6912 inches 6912 inches/18 inches per tile = 384 tiles

How many 10inchx10inch tiles are needed for a 12000 square foot?

Each tile will cover 100 square inches. 12,000 square feet is 1,728,000 square inches. You will need 17,280 tiles.

How many 3x6 tiles will it take to cover 465 square feet?

3 x 6 is 18 square inches. 465 square feet is 66,960 square inches. 66,960 divided by 18 is 3720 tiles. Get 4000 for breakage.

How many 12x12 tiles needed to cover 8352 sq ft?

If the tiles are 12 inches square... 8352 tiles ! However if they're 12 feet square... 58 tiles

How many 3 x 6 tiles are needed to cover 75 square feet?

75 square feet = 10,800 square inches divided by 18 = 600 tiles. Get extra for breakage.


Tiles that are two feet on a side cover 4 square feet. 378 of them cover 1512 square feet.