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It is assumed that the question refers to a square that is 50 cm * 50 cm. And likewise with the area to be tiled (otherwise the question becomes trivial).

50 cm *50 cm = 0.5m*0.5m = 0.25 m2

240 m * 240 m = 57600 m2

So the number of tiles needed = 57600/0.25 = 230400 tiles.

That is the mathematical answer and assumes that there are no breakages or other wastage.

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Q: How many tiles of 50cm square for 240m square?
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How many tiles of size 50cm x 50cm will fit in a square 1m x 1m?

4 tiles.4 tiles.4 tiles.4 tiles.

How many tiles of 50cm square needed to cover 2 m square?

Area of each tile = 50cm*50cm = 2500 cm2. Area to be covered = 2 m * 2 m = 200 cm * 200 cm = 40000 cm2 So, number of tiles required = 40000/2500 = 16

How many 50cm x 50cm tiles will you need to cover 466 sq ft?

50cm x 50cm tile = 7.24/SF per tile 466/7.24 = 64.36 you would need 65 tiles

How many tiles 50cm by 50cm can fit into a 1m square?

4. Calculation below:50 cm x 50 cm = 2500 cm22500 cm2 = 0.25 m21 m2 / 0.25 m2 = 4

How many 50cm x 50cm tiles to cover 8m x 30m?

firstly, 1 metre is 2 sets of 50cm 2m=4 sets of 50cm 3m=6 sets of 50cm 4m=8 sets of 50cm 5m=10 sets of 50cm 6m=12 sets of 50cm 7m=14 sets of 50cm 8m=16 sets of 50cm 9m=18 sets of 50cm 10m=20 sets of 50cm 11m=22 sets of 50cm 12m=24 sets of 50cm 13m=26 sets of 50cm 14m=28 sets of 50cm 15m=30 sets of 50cm 16m=32 sets of 50cm 17m=34 sets of 50cm 18m=36 sets of 50cm 19m=38 sets of 50cm 20m=40 sets of 50cm 21m=42 sets of 50cm 22m=44 sets of 50cm 23m=46 sets of 50cm 24m=48 sets of 50cm 25m=50 sets of 50cm 26m=52 sets of 50cm 27m=54 sets of 50cm 28m=56 sets of 50cm 29m=58 sets of 50cm 30m=60 sets of 50cm if the measurements are 8 by 30 metres, this means that the area is covered by 16 times 60 amount of tiles which is the amount of 960 tiles altogether Source: A successful Graduate of Cambridge University

How many 1 inch by 1 square tiles for 6 square feet?

864 tiles.144 tiles per square foot.

How many tiles of 60 cm square for 30 m square?

150 tiles

How many Scrabble tiles are in a square foot?

Scrabble tiles are 0.75 inch × 0.75 inch square. Therefore, one square foot of Scrabble tiles will include 256 tiles in a square of 16 X 16 tiles.

If a room is 8ft x 8ft and you have 4 square foot tiles how many tiles do you need?

16 square tiles

How many 18x18 square inch tiles are needed for 50 square feet?

22.2 tiles so buy 23 tiles.

How many 4 inch tiles in 1 square foot?

One square foot is 12 inches by 12 inches so you can fit in it 9 tiles in a 3 tiles by 3 tiles square.

How many 60cm x 30cm tiles in a square meter?

How many 60cm x 30cm tiles in a square meter?