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You can't answer how many tile you need since the size of the tile wasn't provided in the question.

You will need 100 square feet of tile to cover the area and 10 square feet extra for cuts, breaks, and mistakes.

Buy 110 square feet of tile.

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Q: How many tiles would you need to tile a floor that is 10ft by 10ft?
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If the floor 20ft and wigdt is 10ft how many square tiles are needed to cover the floor?

The answer will depend on the size of the tiles.

How many 15x15 tiles do you need to cover floor 8ft by 10ft?

52 tiles (with a bit left over !)

How many square tiles with 1 ft sides would cover the floor of a room 10ft by 15 ft?


How many tiles will fit a 22ft x 10ft room?

It would help to know the size of the tiles!

How many 12x12 tiles to cover a 10ft x10ft space?


How many 4 inch tile to cover 10 X 10 area?

If it is a 4inch by 4inch (1/3foot by 1/3foot)tile and it covers a 10ft by 10ft area then it will take 900 of these tiles to cover the whole floor. If you walk ten feet on a edge of this floor then you will have to place 30 tiles along this edge. Since the area is a square area then to find the amount of tiles just multiply 30 by 30 to get 900tiles.

How many 2x2 tiles fit in a 10ft x 12ft room?


How many tiles do is needed in a 10ft by 14ft kitchen with 1 sq foot of tiles?

You will need 140 tiles (10 x 14 = 140)

How many 12 in tiles to tile a 9ft by 10ft room?

That is 90 square feet and that should require 90 12in tiles.

How many square inches are in a floor tile?

Floor tiles come in many different sizes.Floor tiles come in many different sizes.Floor tiles come in many different sizes.Floor tiles come in many different sizes.

How many tiles needed to cover the floor?

The amount of tiles needed to cover a floor will depend on the size of the floor.

How many tiles are needed to tile the floor of?

that question depends on how big your tiles are and how big your floor is