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16 times around a football field is the same as 4 miles.

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Q: How many time around a football field make 4 miles?
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Is three laps around a football field a mile?

No, if it just around a football field it is between 4.5 to 5 laps to make a mile.

How many laps around a high school football field would make 5 k?

3 Laps.

How many feet make up a football field?

an American football field is 100 yards or 300 feet.

What does it mean for a football team to take advantage of the football field?

in American football, to take care of the football field is to always have good field position. (to punt it when its fourth down and you're on your 25 yrd. line) and most simply make plays using your surroundings.

How much is it to make a football field dome?

4 ponds of weed

Does long hair make you more powerful in football?

No, but it should make you stand out more on the field.

Which football field will make it harder for quarterbacks to throw a football in?

Denver Broncos stadium because they have the highest point for a football field and it makes it harder because they are cold and they mostly have asthma and it is just a lot harder.

Why did the horned frog become TCU's mascot?

They found horned frogs digging holes in the field which now today is the football field and helped make the football field so they made the horned frog there mascot.

How is the points scored in football?

You can make a touchdown for 6pts or you can make a field goal for 3 and you can make a 1pt conversion.

Did Bobbie Madison make the football field jump?

Yes. he actually did it twice.

How can a team score in football?

make a touchdown. make a extra point. make a 2 point conversion. make a Field goal.

Does the quality of a football affect the way you kick a field goal?

Yes it does make a difference.