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5: the rectangle could have the following dimensions: 1*80, 2*40, 4*20, 5*16, 8*10. Notice that these are just all of pairs of numbers that multiply to 80.

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Q: How many times can 80 tiles be arranged in a rectangular shape?
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How do I find the area of a rectangular shape?

Area of a rectangle is length times width.

What is the area of square shape?

The area of any rectangular shape, including the square, is the length times the breadth. Area = length x breadth

What size rectangular floor can be completely covered by using only 3 times 3 OR 5 times 5 ft tiles?

Length . . . any multiple of 15' Width . . . . any multiple of 15'

How many 9x13 inch tiles do you need to cover 80 sq feet?

About 100 but that depends on the shape of the 80 sq ft surface being covered and whether you are willing to cut the tiles several times or not. 100*13*9=11700 sq in 80*144=11520 sq in so you don't even have two tiles over if the shape were perfect for the tiles.

What are medieval tiles?

tiles that were made in the medieval times

How many tiles will make a rectangle that is 4 tiles wide?

4 times the number of tiles in the length of the rectangle.

What is the volume of a prism whose dimension are 2 cm times 3 cm times 2 cm?

Assuming the shape is a rectangular prism, its volume is 2*3*2 = 12 cm3

How many tiles whose length and breadth are 12 cm and 5 cm respectively will be needed to fit in a rectangular region whose length and breadth are respectively 100 cm and 144 cm?

Assuming your measurements also account for the tile grout, 5cm goes into 100cm 20 times, and 12cm goes into 144cm 12 times, so 20 * 12 = 240 tiles.

How do you calculate the total area of a home?

Rooms are generally rectangular in shape, so the floor space is the length times the width. Add up all the rooms (and corridors or other spaces) and you get the total for the house. If you have spaces that are not rectangular, then the calculations become a bit more complicated, but you can usually estimate a rectangular equivalent.

When you play Rummikub you lay down a tiles do you replace the tiles that has been played Keeping 14 tiles in your hand at all times?

no you are trying to get rid of all your tiles.

If there is 1 white tile and 4 red tiles how many tiles are 6 times the pattern?

1 white tile plus 4 red tiles equals 5 tiles total. To find the number of tiles in 6 times the pattern would be 6 x 5 which equals 30

What instrument do you use to find out square inches?

You measure the linear inches with a ruler or tape measure, then you do the calculation to find out the area (length times width, if it is a rectangular shape).