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Two lots of one-fourths equals a half.

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Q: How many times can one-fourths equals a half?
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Half pint equals how many oz?

Half of a pint equals 8oz.

1 and half dl equals how many cups?

1 and half dl equals how many cups?

How many half of cups equal a half?

its a riddle. its One half equals half!

How many half cups equals one cup?

2 half cups equals 1 cup.

One half a century equals how many years?

One half a century equals 50 years as a century equals 100 years.

Half quart equals how many pints?

it Equals 1 pint

A half of a pound equals how many ounces does it equals?

8 ounces

A half yard equals how many feet?

one and a half feet

How many quarts in a pound?

a pint equals a pound, and a pint equals half of a quart. (a pound equals half of a quart)

How many fluid ounces equals half gallon?

64 fluid ounces equals half a gallon

5lbs equals how many kilograms?

5lbs equals about 2 and a half kilograms

How many inches equals 1 and a half yards?

It equals 31 inches

Half a ton equals how many lbs?

1000 pouds because 1 ton equals 2000 and half of that is 1000

How many minutes in half a day?

1/2 day = 720 minutes.Half day is 12 hours, 12 times 60 minutes equals 720 minutes .

How many half pints equals one quart?

4 half pints

How many teaspoons in half ounces?

half an ounce equals three teaspoons

Half a meter equals how many centimeters?

Half a meter is 50 centimeters.

A half gallon equals how many quarts?

There are two quarts in a half gallon.

How many cups equals 9 oz of half and half?

That is 1.125 cups

1pt 9fl oz equals how many liters?

It equals 500ml (half a litre)

6 months equals how many years?

Six months equals half a year.

How many 1.5L equals milliliter?

1500 ml equals one and a half litre

Half an hour equals how many minutes?


Half pound equals how many oz?


Half a pound equals how many grams?