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There are 72 inches in 6 feet. Therefore, 21 inches goes into 6 feet approximately 3.43 times.

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about 3 times

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Q: How many times does 21inches go into 6 feet?
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How many times can seven centimeters go into fifty feet?

Seven centimeters can go into 50 feet approximately 218 times.

How many times can 40 feet go into 200 miles?

There are 5,280 feet in a mile and 40 feet in a length, respectively. Therefore, 200 miles is equivalent to 200 * 5,280 = 1,056,000 feet. To find out how many times 40 feet can go into 1,056,000 feet, we divide 1,056,000 by 40, which equals 26,400. So, 40 feet can go into 200 miles 26,400 times.

How many times can 8 feet go into1560 inches?

16.25 times

How many times does fifteen feet go into one mile?

352 times

How many times does 2.5 inches go into 5.0 feet?

24 times.

How many times can 7.75 feet go into 35.7 feet?

4.606451612903226 times

How many times can 5.5 inches go into 225 feet?


How many feet can go in to 12 yards?

Are you under the influence of alcohol and or drugs I will get you started 12 times how many feet are in a yard

1 yard goes into feet how many times?

A yard does not go into feet, three feet make up one yard.

How many times will 37 inches go into 73 feet?

23 times with 25 inches spare.

How many times does 250 feet go into 100yards?

100 yards = 300 feet. 300/250 = 1.2

How many times will 18 Inches go into 92 feet?

18 goes into 92, 5.111 (recurring) times.