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If we define a day as 24 hours, the minute hand moves around the clock face once an hour. 24 times.

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Q: How many times does the minute hand move around the clock face in one day?
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How many times does the minute hand move around the clock in one day?

The minute hand revolves around the clock face ONCE every hour. Therefore the hand would revolve around the clock 24 time in one day.

How many divisions are there in the clock?

A clock dial has 60 minute divisions on its face, and 12 hour divisions

How many degrees are in the angle between the hands of a clock and 1224?

144 degrees. Each minute mark around the clock face is 6 degrees.

How many times does the minute and hour needle comes exactly perrpendicular to each other in a day?

On an analog clock with a 12-hour face: 44 times. On a digital clock: zero. (No needles.)

How many times does the second hand move around the clock face in one day?

Once around in every minute, sixty minutes in an hour, and 24 hours in a day, so 1 X 60 X 24 = 1440.

The long hand on a clock goes around the clock face once every?


How many degrees does the minute hand of a clock turn in 10 minutes?

There are 360 degrees on the clock face that the minute hand travels in one hour which is 6 x 10 minutes. So the degrees turned by the minute hand in 10 minutes is 360/6 = 60

How do you set the analog clock on a peugeot 306?

If this is the 1.4 meridian version of the car year about 1998 then if you hold the trip counter reset button in for about 10 seconds the minute hand will begin to move around the clock face. Hope this help's.

What is a minute hand on a clock?

The minute hand is the largest hand on most analogue clocks. At 3 o'clock on a 12-hour clock, the minute hand is pointing straight up to the 12. It measures time to the nearest minute by advancing one of the small minute hash marks every 60 seconds. Every time the second hand makes one full sweep of the clock face, the minute hand advances one of the minute marks. The second hand is the fastest moving hand on a standard analogue clock, making one full sweep every 60 seconds.

What is on a clock face?

Generally, the numbers 1 through 12, a minute hand, a second hand, and an hour hand.

What is another name for the clock's face?

A clock face is also called a dial, face dial, clock face dial, or dial face.

What does a ring with the roman numerals 1-12 around it mean?

It means 12 months of recovery.

How far does the tip of the minute hand of a clock move in 300 minutes if the hand is 4.9 inches long?

Its in the same place 300/60 = 5 the hand has gone round the face of the clock five times. 2(pi) 4.9 = 30.787582 inches five times is 153.93791 inches

How is a 90 degree rotation around a clock face not symmetrical?

the numbers

How do you remove scratches from metal around a clock face?

well, you don't

What symbol is used by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists to illustrate the danger from atomic weapons?

clock face with minute hand approaching midnight

If the minute hand is 6 inches long what is a good estimate of the circumference of the clock?

The minute hand will usually be about 1/8 inch from the edge of the clock face. The hand plus 1/8 inch is the radius, so the diameter of the clock face would be 12-1/4 inches (diameter is radius x 2). The formula for finding circumference is Pi x D, where Pi = 3.1416 and the D is the diameter. Using the formula C = Pi x D: C = 3.1416 x 12.25 = 38.4846 inches would be a good estimate of the circumference of the clock face.

What is the angle between the 2 hands of a clock when the time is 6 o clock?

180 degrees. The hands are a straight line. Or, to be technical, you divide the clock face (360 degrees) by the number of minutes there are in half a day (clocks only record half a day: AM or PM), which is 360/12*60, so each minute is half a degree. There are 360 minutes between the twelve and the six on a clock. Half of 360 is 180. This only works for times ON THE HOUR, otherwise, the hour hand moves for every minute of time passing.

How many degrees does the minute hand turn in one minute?

6 degrees A clock face makes a 360 degree circle. If you divide the 360 degrees by 60 min, you'll get 6 degrees per minute.

How angle described by minute hand in 60 minute?

In 60 minutes, the minute hand completely circumnavigates the face of the clock,and returns to where it was 60 minutes earlier. That's a travel of 360 degrees.

What makes a swinging clock swing?

The pendulum acts as an escape(Anchor) mechanism faciltating the movements of the clock - face e.g. the hour and minute hands . "An escapement is the mechanism in a mechanical clock that maintains the swing of the pendulum and advances the clock's wheels at each swing. " Excerpt from Wikipedia . See links .

How the face and hands of a round clock can show different types of angles?

Every minute on a round clock is six degrees. Putting the hands on 12 and 3 (15 minutes) would be a 90 degree angle.

How many times does the average human touch there face in an hour?

The average person touches their face about 2000 to 4000 times a day. Or three to five times a minute.

What are clock dials?

Clock dials are used on analog- style (as opposed to digital) clocks and watches. The other term for a clock dial is a clock face, or clockface. It is the part of the clock where the hour and minute hands (and maybe also seconds hands ) appear. Frequently the clock dial also has numbers, from one to twelve representing the hours, as well as five-minute intervals. Sometimes there are evenly spaced dots, instead of numbers. For an illustration of a clock dials, go to the link below.

If the hour hand on a clock moves 1 60 degree every minute how many degrees will the hand move in one hour?

According to that, the hand will move 5/60 or 1/12. Every minute on a clock face is 6 degrees. An hour hand will move 30 degrees in an hour.

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