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100 times

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2012-10-17 00:14:48
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Q: How many times dos the average middle schooler blink in a seven hour school day?
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About how many times during a 7 hour school day does the average middle school student blink?

8000 to 9000 -Sarah H. from ms. Towns' MPACT class

I have been bitten by a Mosquito on my eye and I have my first day of middle school tomorrow how can I reduce the Swelling Ps this is URGENT?

don't blink

How often do people blink a minute?

People blink an average of 15 times in a minute.

Does the average human blink 4.2million times a year?

Nope. They blink about 100,000 times. Or, about 9 days worth.

How many times does the average computer blink per minute?

Computers don't have eyes or eyelids, therefore they cannot blink. :)

The average human does this 6.2 million times a year. What?


What is the average length of the time it takes to blink?

.2 seconds

What is the average speed of a blink of an eye?

The average time it takes for a complete human blink is about 300 to 400 milliseconds or 3/10ths to 4/10ths of a second. Of course this is an average only and can differ from person to person. Also, there are other factors that can affect blink speed, like fatigue, medications, diseases, and injury to the eye area. Most factors decrease or slow the blink rate.

How many times does the average person blink in a minute while looking at a computer screen?

They blink about six to eight times a minute.

How often does a average human blink?

An average person blinks about alot per secong. <3

How many times does the human eye blink per day?

The average person tends to blink between 10 and 30 times per minute. Therefore, taking an average of 20 blinks per minute, this would mean 1200 blinks per hour (20 x 60) and lets say the average person is awake for 14 hours a day (we don't blink in our sleep) then on average we blink 16,800 (1200 x14) times a day!

How many times does the average person blink in a century?


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