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The metre and millimetre is written with a lower case "m".

1 metre is a thousand times larger than a millimetre.

1 m = 1000 mm.

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1000 times longer

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How did you get that?
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im not sure this is correct...

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Q: How many times larger is 1M to 1MM?
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How many 30.5 meters in one millimeter?

There are zero "30.5 meters" in one millimeter. 1mm = 0.001m and 1m = 1000mm and 1000mm = 1m and 0.001m = 1mm.

Which is larger 1 millimeter or 1 meter?

1 meter why? because 1mm is only 10cm when 1m is 100cm, so get it.

1000 millimeters 1 meter abbreviation?

1mm = 1m 1,000mm = 1m

What is the maximum length for an axon?

a axon can be of 1mm to 1m

How many mm equals km?

1mm=1mm 1cm=10mm 1m=1000mm 1km=1000000mm

1m or 1mm?

those are two different measurements, 1m is One meter, 1mm is One Millimeter. One mm is the first tiny tic on a meter stick or on any measuring source.

What is 1MM in dollars?

1MM in dollars is 1M=1K dollars 1MM=1Million dollars 1MMM=1Billion dollars

How many mm long is a meter stick?

1mm = (1/1000)m ∴ 1m = 1000mm

What is larger 1m or 25cm?


How many square mm make 1 meter?

50 square mm because 12mm 12 meter 1mm 1m 100mm= 1m

What number is larger 125 cm or 1m?


Which is bigger1mm or m?

1 metre is bigger because there are 1000mm in 1m, and there are 0.001m in 1mm.

How many 200mm in 1m?

1m= 1000mm so 1000/200 = 5 times

How do you prepare 1mm edta from 1m edta?

Use M1 V1 = M2 V2 calculation

Which is the largest 1m or 990m?

m could be a metre or a million. Either way 990m is larger than 1m, in fact it is 998m larger than 1m.

How many sand grains at 1mm could you line up along a meter stick?

Well, there are 1000mm in 1m. So answer = 1000

Is 1m larger than 990cm?

Yes, 1m (1 metre) is larger than 990cm (0.99 metre)

100 cubic milimeter equals how many cubic micron?

1 mm = 1m*10^-3 1 um = 1m *10^-6 thus 1mm^3 = 1m^3*10^-9 1 um^3 = 1m^3*10^-18 ==> 1mm^3 = 10^9 um^3 using um for micrometer (micron). dimensional homogeneity is your friend!

How would you order this least to greatest 1meter 1millimeter 1centimeter 1killameter?

1mm, 1cm, 1m, 1km

What measurement is largest 1m or 990cm?

1m equal to 100cm.So 990cm is larger.

How many millimetres are in one meter?

there are 10mm in one cm and 100cm in 1m. Times 10x100 and you get 1,000mm=1m

Which is larger 1m or 990cm?


What does 10MM mean in money?

1M = 1000 1MM= 1000000 M is referring to 1000

What are mm dm cm m km?

1mm=0,1cm 1dm=100mm 1km=1000m 1mm=0,01 1dm=10cm 1dm=0,1m 1cm=10mm 1m=1000mm 1cm=,1dm 1m=100cm 1cm=0,01m 1m=10dm (I Got It From My Homework page)Hope it Helped!

Is 1200mm larger than 1m?

1000mm = 1m 1200mm = 1.2m Therefore, 1200mm is longer than 1m

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