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8 x 6 = 48. Therefore, 48 is 6 times larger than 8.

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It is 6 times larger because 6*8 = 48

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Q: How many times larger is 48 than 8?
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About how many times larger are the 48 States than Alaska?

4 times

Is 48 yards more than 3 feet?

Yes it is ! It's 48 times larger !

Are the 48 states about 2 times or 20 times larger than Japan?

The area of the 48 continental states is about 20 times larger than that of Japan.

How many times larger is russia in land area than the contiguous 48 states?

Two times. Land area of Russia is 6,592,812 sq mi. and Land area of 48 Contiguous States is 3,043,615 sq mi.

How many times heavier is 54kg than 6kg?


Which is larger 3 yards or 48 inches?

3 yards is larger. 3 yards is 108 inches which is larger than 48 inches.

How many times does 1 go into 48?

Exactly 48 times because 48/1 = 48

How many times can 18 go into 48?

18 goes into 48 2.6666666666666666666666666666667 times.

How many times does 5go into 240?

5x40=200+5x8 which is 40 so 5 goes into 240 48 times

How many times can six go into 48?

Tip: When you get a question like How many times does 6 go into 48?, just think of it as how many times you can fit 6 into 48.

How many times does 8 go int 48?

It goes: 48/8 = 6 times

How may times larger is 3 gallons to 8 cups?

gal is 48 cups so 6 times.

How many times does 6 go into 288?


Is it true that the Sahara is larger than the 48 contigous US?


How many times does 8 go into 52?

6 times. 7 times 8 is 56, more than 52. 6 times 8 equals 48.

What times what is 48?

there are many factors of 48 (2 times 24, 4 times 12, 6 times 8)

How many times can 2 go in 96?

Exactly 48 times

How many Mexico's can fit in the US?

Five. Four if you only consider the 48 contiguous states (Mexico is a bit larger than Alaska).

3 gallons is how many times longer than 8 cups?

3 gallons is 48 cups.

How many times can 4 go into 48?

4 goes into 48 exactly 12 times. [no remainder]

A ten-pin bowling ball has a volume of about 5274 cm cubed A candlepin bowling ball has a volume of about 48 inches cubed Which has the greatest volume?

I suggest that a candlepin bowling ball cannot have a volume of 48 inches cubed since that is huge. 48 inches cubed = 48"*48"*48" = (48*2.54cm)*(48*2.54cm)*(48*2.54cm) >120*120*120cm3 = 1 728 000 cm3 which is more than 300 times larger than the 5274 cm cubed ball.

Is the 48 states in the us larger than Canada?

Canada is the second largest country in the world. Only Russia is larger.

Is 59 a factor of 48?

No, a factor cannot be larger than the number it is compared to.

How many times does 6 go into 52?

8 times with 4 remaining

How many times does 48 go into 60?

It is 60/48 = 1.25.

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