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3 times

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Q: How many times larger is the circumference than the radius?
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IF the radius of a circle is multiplied by 8 then how many times larger is the circumference of the new circle?

8 times

How many times larger is the earth's circumference's than Luna?

The Earth is 3.64 times larger than Moon's Circumference. (Earth's Circumference) 39,843 divide by (Moon's Circumference) 10,921=3.64

How many times larger is the radius of the electron cloud than the radius of the nucleus?

100,000 times

Circumference is how many times greater than radius?

2 pi times greater-- roughly 6.28 times greater.

How many times is the circumference shorter than the diameter of a circle?

Given a diameter d, the circumference of a circle is Pi*d. Thus the circumference is Pi times larger than the diameter.

How many times larger is the new volume of a cylinder if only the height doubled and the radius remained the same?

Two times larger.

How many times larger is the sun than a 0.1 star?

Between 10 to 100 times the radius

How many mm are in a 2 inch circle?

The answer will depend on whether you require the radius, diameter or circumference.The answer will depend on whether you require the radius, diameter or circumference.The answer will depend on whether you require the radius, diameter or circumference.The answer will depend on whether you require the radius, diameter or circumference.

How many times will a circle with a diameter of 10.5 cm fit around a sphere with a radius of 5.25 cm?

Infinity because the circumference of the circle is the same as the circumference of the sphere.

The wheels circumference is how many times as big as its diameter?

A wheel is in the shape of a circle. The formula for the circumference of a circle is 2πr where r is the radius. But, the diameter of a circle is twice the radius so this equation can be written, Circumference = πd where d is the diameter. The Circumference is therefore π times as big as the diameter, π = 3.142 or 22/7 approx.

How many times larger is the circumference than the diameter?

3.14 or pi

How many times bigger is jupiter than pluto?

Jupiter has a radius of 69,911km whereas Pluto has a radius of 1,153km. So Jupiter is about 60 times larger (60.634)

How do you find the circumference with radius of 18 in if you leave your answer n pie terms how many inches is it?

Circumference = 2*pi*radius or pi*diameter Circumference = 36pi inches

How many times larger is the earths circumference from the Moon's?

Three times as large! But I'm not so sure though... google this question...

How many times larger is earths cicumference than the moons circumference?

Their circumferences are in the same ratio as their diameters.

How much larger is the diameter of the largest planet planet than the diameter of earth?

The largest planet in our Solar System is Jupiter. How much larger it is depends on what criterion you use to measure. Its diameter is about 11 times the diameter of Earth. Of course, that means that its radius and circumference are also 11 times as large as the radius and circumference of Earth, respectively. Its surface area is over 100 times larger than that of Earth (just square the diameter ratio), its volume is over a 1000 times larger (proportional to diameter cubed). Jupiter's mass is about 300 times as much as that of Earth. Many planets around other stars have several times the mass of Jupiter, but in many cases, not much is known about their diameter. However, it is expected that a planet that has, for example, 2-3 times the mass of Jupiter will NOT have a much larger diameter, since its stronger gravity will pull it together.

How many times longer is the circumference of a circle than its diameter?

It is larger than the diameter by a factor of Pi (about 3.1416).

How many square inches in a 10 inch circle?

you have to quote the diameter or radius or circumference of the circle to calculate the area. If diameter 78.53. If radius 314.15. If circumference 7.95

How many radius equals one circumference?

2π radii=1 circumference *π=pi

How many times a wheel of radius 28 cm must rotate to cover 704 m?

With one rotation, the wheel advances one entire circumference.The circumference is radius times (2 x pi).To convert from centimeters to meters, divide by 100.Finally, just divide the total number of meters by the circumference (in meters), to get the number of turns.

How many times should bell be rung?

It all depends on the dimensions of the orifices circumference of the bell, multiply the radius times 2 divided by pie times the speed of sound divided by 20 decibels equals.

What is pi about?

Pi is the number you have to use to solve many circle equations. If you want to find the area of a circle, use radius squared times pi. For the circumference, use diameter times pi.

How many sq feet in a 9' circle?

You should say if the 9 feet is a radius, diameter or circumference.....if radius then 254.47 feet

Can there be more than 4 radius in a circle?

Yes, providing that they stem from the center of the circle to its circumference.

How can you use pi?

You need Pi to find the radius or circumference of a circle and there are many more uses!