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Two times larger.

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Q: How many times larger is the new volume of a cylinder if only the height doubled and the radius remained the same?
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Show that the volume of cylinder is equal to one third the volume of cone?

It isn't. If the cylinder and the cone have the same height and radius, the cylinder has a larger volume (twice as large). If they do not have the same height and radius you need more information to prove their relative volumes.

What happens to the area of a circle when its doubled?

When the diameter is doubled, perhaps? Then the area is 4 x larger.

What is the square inches of a cylindrical ring?

Diameter multiplied by pi multiplied by the height is the area of a cylinder. If your looking for a cylindrical ring, like a dougnut, then compute the area of the smaller cylinder (the hole) and subtract this from the area of the larger cylinder (the doughy goodness)

How many times larger is the volume when three dimensions are doubled?

Eight times larger.

How do you find the volume of a cylinder that is smaller on one end?

To find the answer to this question you would have to know how to find the volume of a cone. First, find the angle of the side to the base to determine at what height a cone would be formed if the sides of the cylinder extended all the way up to a single point. This would be the height of the cone. Take this number and put into the equation Assuming you know the radius of the cylinder at the bottom, the wider side. Next, subtract the total height of the cone from the height of the cylinder you want to know the volume of. You will now be finding the volume of the smaller cone within the larger cone. Put the smaller height into the above equation now using the radius of the top part of cylinder. Subtract this total from the total volume of the biggest cone and you will have the volume of a cylinder that is smaller on one end.

How do you measure the volume of a rock with a graduated cylinder?

First, put some water in the cylinder, not all the way to the top, but possibly halfway full. Make a note of exactly where the top of the water is, by reading markings (or graduations). Then put the rock into the cylinder, submerging it in the water (if it doesn't fit, you need a larger cylilnder, or a smaller rock). This will cause the water level to rise. Then note the new height of the water. Subtract the original height from the new height and you will have the volume of the rock.

What is the volume of a cylinder 15 times a cylinder that is 415 cubic centimeters?

The larger cylinder has a volume of 6225cc

How do you find the radius of big cylinder given radius of small cylinder and big cylinder is 4 times larger than the small cylinder?

The answer will depend on whether the larger cylinder is 4 times larger in terms of radius, cross-sectional area, or volume. If radius, multiply the smaller radius by 4. If cross-sectional area, multiply the smaller radius by 2. If volume, you do not have enough information.

What is the cylinder wall on a 1989 suzuki rm 125 made of?

If you stick a magnet on the inside of the cylinder and it sticks, then it is steel and can be bored out larger. If it doesn1t stick then it is aluminum with a Nikicil plating that can't be bored larger and can only be re plated or replaced with a steel cylinder. I have been there.

What is the similarity ratio of a smaller cone with a height of 9 and a radius of 6 and a larger cone with a height of 15 and a radius of 10?

The smaller to the larger is a ratio of 6:10 or 3:5

What would happen to the rate of a reaction with rate law kNO2H2 if the concentration of NO were doubled?

the rate would be four times larger. apex

How many milliliters of liquid does contain a larger graduated cylinder?


When an engine has a cylinder bore that is larger than its stroke what is this called?


What would happen to the rate of a reaction with rate law rate k NO H2 if the concentrations of NO were doubled?

The rate would be four times larger

How tall is a hereford cow?

That all depends on the frame size. The average height for a Hereford cow may be around 5 feet in height. Some of the larger-framed cows may be taller than this (never exceeding 6 feet in height though), and the larger-framed cows may be around 4 feet in height.

Spaghetti sauce comes in large and small cylindrical cans. The larger can has a radius and height that are both three times longer than the radius and height of the smaller can. If the volume of the s?

the volume of the larger can is 952.56 inches cubed -apex

What components are used to make a simple hydraulic?

Most simply, a small cylinder and piston, a larger cylinder and piston, and some tubing to connect the two.

How ca you find the volume of a rectangular prism when you double all of the dimensions?

Say you keep everything the same, but it's now twice as high. You've doubled the volume. Now double the width. It's now 4 times larger (twice for height another twice for width). Finally, depth. Another doubling, so 8 times.

What would happen to the rate of a reaction with rate law rate k NO 2 H2 if the concentration of NO were doubled?

The rate would be four times larger

What unit is used to measure with a graduated cylinder?

Whatever it is Graduated for.It usually measure volume by height from the bottom. The graduations are usually in 10ths or 100ths of a larger unit. But these can be mm, cm, Cu In, Ounces, pounds, qty. etc.This is determined in the design of the measuring cylinder and what it is intended to measure. Set up with other devices it can measure time as well.

What is an example of what will happen to the circumference of a circle if you double the diameter?

The diameter of all circles is equal to it's Diameter multiplied by a 'constant' which is Pi which has a value of 3.1416 or approx. 3&1/7th. So, if the diameter is doubled then the circumference is also doubled because diam. and circum. are in direct proportion. Another example :- if the diam is 3.5 times larger, then the circum. will also be 3.5 times larger.

How much larger is Olympus mons than mteverest?

it is 3 times the height the person who typed the above should check their should be height not height

If pyramid base edge is 3cm what is slant height?

Depends on the angle between the side and the base. The smaller the angle the larger the height.

Do a Orca have a height?

Not necesaary height but length. They can measure up to 33 feet long. The male orca is larger than the female

Why do hydraulic machines change the size of forces?

pressurized gasespressurized gases or fluids pushing on surfaces of different sizes, or using pumps to increase the pressure of the fluid and resulting forces.>Liquid leversConsider a hydraulic cylinder (cross sectional area 50 sq mm) fully extended andconnected by a line to a fully back cylinder ( cross sectional area 100 sq mm), apply a force of 500 newtons to the rod of the smaller cylinder, creating a pressure of :(500 / 50) = 10 n / sq mmThis pressure is transmitted to the larger cylinder but acts over a larger piston area, so ,force = pressure * areaforce = 10 * 100force from larger cylinder = 1000 newtons>So the force has doubled, but the larger cylinder piston will only move half as far as the smaller cylinder.>Input force * distance = output force * distance>Output force = input force * (output area / input area)

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