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It is inappropriate to be talking about "lighter" or heavier" with regard to liters and centiliters (or milliliters or deciliters, etc.) Why? Because the liter (and its fractional parts) is a unit of volume or capacity, not weight. You may say that a liter is 100 times greater in volume than a centiliter. You could say that a liter is ten times greater in volume than a deciliter. You could also say that a deciliter is ten times greater in volume than a centiliter. But one is not necessarily heavier or lighter than another. Unless, of course, you have a liter and centiliter of the same substance! A liter of water, for example, will be 100 times heavier than a centiliter of water -- as long as both are at identical temperatures. (Water at 4 degrees Celsius is denser than water at higher and lower temperatures, so a liter of water at 4 degrees C will weigh more than 100 times a centiliter of water at higher or lower temps.)

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Q: How many times lighter or heavier than a liter is a centiliter?
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What is larger 1 liter or 1 centiliter?

A litre is a hundred times bigger.

Which is greater liters or centiliters?

A liter is 100 times greater than a centiliter.

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No. A stone is about 6.4 times heavier than a kilogram.

A centiliter is how many times smaller than a liter?

100 centilitres = 1 litre 1 centilitre is therefore 1/100 of a litre.

Is a centiliter a greater measure than a mililiter?

A centiliter is 10 times a milliliter.

Which is bigger milliliter or centiliter?

cl by 10 times 1 centiliter = 10 milliliters 1 milliliter = 0.1 centiliter

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What is the smaller of both a centiliter and deciliter?

A centiliter is 10 times smaller than a deciliter.

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Is Deciliter bigger than a centiliter?

Yes, a deciliter is 10 times bigger than a centiliter.

Which is larger 1 deciliter or 1 centiliter?

1 deciliter is 10 times larger than 1 centiliter.

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What is one thousand times smaller than a milliliter?

A microliter (one-millionth of a liter).The first ten prefixes on the small side of the prefix list are :deciliter (one tenth of a liter)centiliter (one hundredth of a liter)milliter(one thousandth of a liter)microliter(one millionth of a liter)nanoliter (one billionth of a liter)picoliter (one trillionth of a liter)femtoliter (one quadrillionth of a liter)attoliter (one quintillionth of a liter)zeptoliter (one sextillionth of a liter)yoctoliter (one septillionth of a liter)

How many times greater is a dekaliter than a centiliter?


What are the most common metric units of volume?

The metric system has prefix modifiers that are multiples of 10.A kiloliter is 1000 litersA hectoliter is 100 litersA decaliter is 10 litersA liter is the basic unit of volumeA deciliter is 1/10 literA centiliter is 1/100 literA milliliter is 1/1000 literAs we move down the units, the next unit is one tenth as large. As we move upward, each unit is 10 times as large. One hundred milliliters, which is 1/10 liter (100/1000=1/10) are larger than one centiliter (1/100th liter).

Is gas heavy?

Relatively, no. Gas is lighter than its liquid form, and most times the solid form is heavier than its liquid form.

Is a deciliter larger than a centiliter?

Yes, ten times larger.