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Infinity because the circumference of the circle is the same as the circumference of the sphere.

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Q: How many times will a circle with a diameter of 10.5 cm fit around a sphere with a radius of 5.25 cm?
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How do you find the diameter of a sphere?

R (radius) X2. The radius is half the circle from the center of the circle. The diameter is just straight across.

What is half of the diameter?

A radius is half of the diameter of a circle or a sphere. Scroll down to related links and look at "Diameter - Wikipedia" or "Radius - Wikipedia"

What is diameter and circumference?

Diameter is distance across a circle or sphere, circumference is the distance around a circle or sphere

How many diameters goes around a raduis?

A diameter of a circle (or sphere) is a straight line which is twice as long as its radius (not raduis).

What is the radius of a sphere?

A radius of a sphere is the distance from its centre to its surface. It is also half of the diameter. If you know the circumference of a circle, you can calculate its radius. Circumference divided by Pi divided by 2 = radius.

Formulas with include pi?

Area of a circle: pi*radius^2 Circumference of a circle: 2*pi*radius or diameter*pi Volume of a sphere: 4/3*pi*radius^3 Surface area of a sphere: 4*pi*radius^2

What is the radius of an object?

The term 'radius' is almost always applied to spheres and circular objects. It is the distance from the edge of the circle/sphere to the center. Double the radius gives you the diameter, which is the longest chord you will be able to get. In other words, the diameter is the largest distance between any two points in a circle or sphere.

Is equatorial circumference the same as radius?

No. The circumference is the distance around a circle or equaltor wheras the radius is the distance from the centre of a sphere (the centre of the earch if you will) to the surface. the diameter is twice the distance of the radius and is the distance from the surface of a sphere, through the middle point across to the other surface.

What is the distanceacross the middle of a circle of a sphere?

the distance across the middle is the radius and whole distance across it is the diameter

How to get the formula to find radius in spherometer?

Treat the 3D sphere as a 2D circle. The radius for the sphere is the same radius as for the circle. No matter where on the sphere you place a mark, the distance (radius) from the mark to the centre of the sphere will always be the same as the circle.

What would the radius be if you have square root of 354?

That depends. What is that "square root of 354" ? Is it the circumference ? Diameter ? Area of the circle ? Area of the sphere ? Volume of the sphere ? The radius is different for each one.

What is the radius of a hemisphere dome with a height of 32?

The radius is 32 because the height of the hemisphere (which is half of a sphere) is the same thing as the radius (which is half the length of the diameter); the radius is the distance from the center to any point on the edge or surface of the circle/sphere.