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Q: How many times would you go around the world if you took one billion steps?
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How many times will one billion cups of coffee stretch around the world?

Your mom 5

How many times can you travel around the world if yo u went 7 billion miles?

you can travel around the earth 281,106.9 times, if going around the equator

If you were to put a billion dollars dollar bill by dollar bill how many would it reach around the world?

Yes. It would reach around the world. Not once but 3 times.

What is the population in the world wide.?

The population is around 6.4 billion people in the world wide. The population is around 6.4 billion people in the world wide.

World population 1832?

maybe around 3 billion because at 1805 it was a bilion......

What was the population during the Victorian times?

In 1804, the world's population reached 1 billion. In 1850, half way through the Victorian times, the world's population reached 1.2 billion. Finally, in 1900, the world's population reached 1.6 billion.

How many mammals are in the world?

around 400 billion

How many peoples are there in world?

Around 7 Billion.

How many women in the world are Christian?

Around a billion

How many people were alive in 1914?

Around 1.8 billion in America. 99+ billion in the world

Is population of India above 110 billion?

The population of the world is only around 6-7 billion.

What is the cow population?

There are around 1.3 billion cattle in the world.