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Q: How many tons of sunflower oil in 20 feet container?
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How much quantity nutmeg can load in 20 feet container?

how many tons nutmeg ABCD load in 20 feet container

How much metric tons of Shea butter in 20 feet container?


How much groundnut tons in 20ft container?

How many tons of groundnut can fill a 20ft container

How many tons do you have in 20ft container?

About 2 tons of feathers or 300 tons of heavy metal.

How many tons of banana are in a container?

a ton

How many metric ton of chicken feet in 40 foot container?

it is 22-23 tons depending on your packing. in Hi Q it will be more

How many tons are there in one container van?


How many tons in a 20 feet container?

A ton is a unit of mass. A foot is a unit of length. The two units are therefore incompatible. And in any case, a container would not be measured simply by a single dimension.

How tons of nutmeg can be loaded in 20 feet container?

First put the nutmegs in sacks. then people or fork-lift trucks can be used to load them into a container.

How many tons of coffee can enter 1 20feet container?

You don't give enough info to solve the problem. What is the density of coffee? Is the container a cube 20 feet on each side, or some other shape?

How many metric tons of rice can you get in a 20X20 container?

Assuming the container is 20'W x 20'L x 20'H = 8,000 cubic feet A metric ton is 1,000 kilograms or 2,204.623 pounds Rice (hulled) = 47lbs/CF Rice (rough) = 36lbs/CF Rice (hulled) = 170.5507 Metric Tons in that container size Rice (rough) = 130.63458 Metric Tons in that container size

How many tons of sunflower seeds can be produce from a one acre plot of land when cultivated?

one ton of sunflower seeds can be produced from a one acre land.