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Q: How many triangles does a scalene triangle have?
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How do you make a sentence with scalene?

Look at that scalene triangle! There are many types of Scalene Triangles.

A scalene triangles have how many angles?

A scalene triangle has 2 equal angles

How many lines of symmetry does a scalene triangle have?

a scalene triangle has 0 lines of symmetry. Scalene triangles are triangles with no sides the same so it can't have a side of symmetry. That is why their are 3 different types of triangles

What things are scalene triangles?

Scalene triangles are polygons like all triangles. The lengths of the sides of scalene triangle are all different.

Are some scalene triangles also isosceles triangles?

Scalene triangles those triangles in which all the sides are of different lengths, but in isosceles triangles two sides of the triangle are equal in length. Therefore, no scalene triangle can ever be isosceles.

What is the difference between an acute triangle and a scalene triangle?

scalene triangles can be the same as acute triangles beacause scalene triangles are triangles with 3 different angles and sides. An acote triangle needs to have 3 angles less than 90 degrees.

Are all scalene triangles acute triangles?

No, scalene triangles can be obtuse, right or acute triangles. A 3 - 4 -5 right triangle (lengths of the sides) is one example of a right-scalene triangle. In fact, with the exception of the [45°, 45°, 90°] right triangle (which is isosceles) all other right triangles are scalene.

How many right angles in a scalene triangle?

Any triangle can have a maximum of one right angle. Most right triangles are scalene triangles. The only non-scalene right triangle is a 45° - 45° - 90° isosceles right triangle. It is not possible to have an equilateral right triangle in plane geometry. A scalene triangle does not have to have a right angle, but it can have one.

How many degrees does a scalene triangle have?

All triangles add up to 180 degrees including scalene.

Why are scalene triangles and equilateral triangles the same?

They are not the same. An equilateral triangle has 3 equal sides, while a scalene triangle has no equal sides.

What is a triangle with unequal sides?

If no two sides of a triangle have the same length, then the figure is called a "scalene" triangle. Some (but not all) scalene triangles are also right triangles.

What is the difference between an equilateral triangle and scalene triangle?

Equilateral triangles have all the same side lengths and scalene triangles have no similar side lengthsAn equilateral triangle has 3 equal sides whereas a scalene triangle has 3 unequal sides